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10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers

Selection of attractive fonts during graphics design process is very crucial for every graphic designer. Fonts play a very important role in designing of an attractive and eye-catching banner or web design project.

At, we have designed many attractive banner designs, web designs, Facebook cover designs, YouTube cover designs and business card designs using attractive handwritten fonts.

In this blog post, I’m writing about 10 best free handwriting fonts that will help you in making your designs creative and eye-catching. These fonts are free for use in any design project.

1. Engine

Engine font was created by a designer Ferdie Balderas. It is available in Regular and Italic styles and can be used in capital and lower-case letters. This font is available in four languages including English, Spanish, French and Polish.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-engine


Fofer font was created by Mousse Creative. Fofer gives a personal style to your designs with its natural design. It is available free for download.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-fofer

3. California Sans

California Sans is a handwriting font, created by Noe Araujo. It is an easy reading text font and mostly used for headlines. This font is available for free download, including upper and lower case letters with some special characters and numbers.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-california

4. Ruffle Beauty

Ruffle Beauty is a fun handwriting font, developed by Anis Iday. This font is available for both personal and commercial use. It is ideal for poster designs.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-ruffle beauty

5. Swissblnk Monthoers

Swissblnk Monthoers is a modern handwriting vintage display font type, which combines classic and modern typography styles.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-Swissblnk Monthoers

6. Daniel

Daniel is one of my favorite handwriting fonts developed by designer Daniel Midgley. Available for personal and commercial use, can be downloaded for free. It comes with a full set of lower and upper case, special characters and numbers.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-Daniel

7. Journal

The Journal is a free handwriting font developed by Fontourist. It supports more than 50 languages. Can be downloaded for free.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-Journal

8. Fabfelt Script

Fabfelt Script was developed by a french graphic designer Fabien Despinoy. His comments about this font are “I tried to design a handwritten typeface without graininess, which is natural and a little retro”.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-Fabfelt Script

9. Linny

Linny is a handwriting font, created by Maya aka Linny. This is actually her self hand-writing style which later was developed as a font. It is now available for both personal and commercial use. It comes with a complete set of upper and lower case letters.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-linny

10. Architect’s Daughter

Architect’s Daughter is a font developed was Kimberly Geswein. This was actually a self hand-writing style of the daughter of an architect. It is based on the style of daily handwriting.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-Architect's Daughter

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Why You Need an Animated Logo for Your Business?

Having a logo for business is as much important as you need to name of your business. Like names, your logo should be unique, having a perfect meaning and definition of your business and should be ever green. It is true that time to time changes are required in logos as your business span increases and according to latest fashion and technology but basics of your logo remain same as we can see the logo of Shell Petroleum and Star Bucks Coffee etc. Now as time changes people get more aware about the importance of logos. So designers bring more innovations in designs and types of logo and entrepreneur starts admiring animated logos then simple logo because of their looks and benefits.

In this article we are going to discuss why you need an animated logo and what the potential benefits you can get from it. Here we mention some of unique qualities and benefits which you can only get from animated logos.

Self Explanatory:

Unlike simple logos, animated logos are more self explanatory as by adding sounds, words and images will explain your business concept better than a simple logo. It becomes even greater if you hire a professional animated logo designer for designing your logo because designing an animated logo is more difficult and tricky then simple logo.

More Interesting:

As it contains more interesting elements like, sound, animation, moving objects and creativity so it is catchier then simple logo. Due to sound affect it immediately grabs your views’ attention and that is the reason your viewers concentrate more on your logo.

Easier To Remember And Recall:

Things which you find more interesting can be retain more easily and for longer period of time in viewer’s mind rather than less interesting ones. You can design your animated logo according to your targeted audience interest and choice so that it can immediately grabs their attention and they can recall it whenever they want to.

So always pick a best animated logo designing company so that their designers can design your animated logo in a best suitable way.


Benefits of Having an Animated Logo

We are surrounded with thousands of logos and among these logos only those can get attention which are well designed and have amazing look. When we talk about logos there are different ways to design them and there are different types of logos. Animation is the extended form which is very helpful and effective to grab viewers’ attention. Unlike simple logos, animated logos define your business history in a more appropriate way because it starts with a story and define about your brand identity. It tells your customer that you are professional and you takes care your professionalism.

Here the question is that how to get a perfect animated logo for business? There are lots of companies and individual who claim that they can make your logo perfect and amazing but only few meet this claim. Therefore enjoying all benefits you need to design your animated logo from professional designing companies because their designers have years of experience in designing animated logos, they know about the latest trends, latest designing tools and tricks of animation.

So all you need to do to find a good company for designing your logo. Now the question is why you should invest in designing animated logo? There are so many reasons to do so, like we already explain that animated logo designs require lots of creativity and expertise. It requires a unique idea that can really stand out and invite more eyes for appraise. It requires innovation, beauty and perfection. It requires synchronize all your ideas with designing tool so that your animated logo could leave a mark. If you want to have all these qualities in you animated logo design then you must need to hire a professional designing company.

Kool Design Maker is the best logo designing company in of USA having more than 10 years of experience and more than 10,000 customers. We are best because of our expertise, experience and quality of work. Our designers are best in designing animation for everything you need in designing like logos, websites, banners and headers as they have years of experience in designing these things. We not juts provide quality but we deliver our best work on time and on lowest possible rates. Lower price doesn’t mean that you need to compromise in designs and quality. We don’t use any copied art, our designs are 100% unique and original. They specially created for your business organization .So no mater you are small business owner or have a corporate business now you can have your own animated logo designs on affordable and economical rates and if you want to make animation on your existing logo we are ready to serve you in really professional way.


An Animated Logo Can Grab More Viewers Attention

When we combine art with technology then we come up with animated logo. Animated logos are one step ahead because they are more attractive and interesting than simple logos. Animation helps to grab customers’ attention immediately. It is important that your logo should be design in a professional manner but for animated logo it is even more important that your logo must contain some innovative feature and unique idea, so that your viewers find it really interesting and memorable. Do not forget that if your website has animated logo it will consider as another plus for your website because animated logo will give your website a complete new look.

When it comes to catching customers attention animation considered as a best tool. There are hundreds of reasons that why people choose animation in logo designing instead of simple logos. Some of the reasons are; an animated logo seems trendier, they immediately grab your customer’s attention, people retain it for longer period of time because of the elements of moving images and text.

It is very important to hire professionals for your animated logo design. If you chose some freelancer online, or try to make it by your own, it can ruin your whole company image. There are many small details that should be considered while making animated logo and only a professional, experienced designer can take care of all these minor details. When you try to do it by your own you don’t know who to incorporate your ideas, maybe you have some brilliant ideas but for a beginner it is not possible to handle some sophisticated tools according to your ideas and imagination. So you should always go for some professional designing company to deign your animated logo.

Kool Design Maker is the best online logo design company of USA having great experience and expertise to design animated logos and simple logos. It is because of our professional and experienced designers who have years of experience in designing all kinds of logos. Not just that our teams not just provide you a logo but also tell you about the latest tools and trends which are most popular nowadays and in coming years. We are renowned for our creativity, affordability and quality of work. So for getting the best logos on affordable prices Kool Design Maker should be your first priority. Check out animated logo’s portfolio to find our creative work.