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10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers

Selection of attractive fonts during graphics design process is very crucial for every graphic designer. Fonts play a very important role in designing of an attractive and eye-catching banner or web design project.

At, we have designed many attractive banner designs, web designs, Facebook cover designs, YouTube cover designs and business card designs using attractive handwritten fonts.

In this blog post, I’m writing about 10 best free handwriting fonts that will help you in making your designs creative and eye-catching. These fonts are free for use in any design project.

1. Engine

Engine font was created by a designer Ferdie Balderas. It is available in Regular and Italic styles and can be used in capital and lower-case letters. This font is available in four languages including English, Spanish, French and Polish.

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10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-engine


Fofer font was created by Mousse Creative. Fofer gives a personal style to your designs with its natural design. It is available free for download.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-fofer

3. California Sans

California Sans is a handwriting font, created by Noe Araujo. It is an easy reading text font and mostly used for headlines. This font is available for free download, including upper and lower case letters with some special characters and numbers.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-california

4. Ruffle Beauty

Ruffle Beauty is a fun handwriting font, developed by Anis Iday. This font is available for both personal and commercial use. It is ideal for poster designs.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-ruffle beauty

5. Swissblnk Monthoers

Swissblnk Monthoers is a modern handwriting vintage display font type, which combines classic and modern typography styles.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-Swissblnk Monthoers

6. Daniel

Daniel is one of my favorite handwriting fonts developed by designer Daniel Midgley. Available for personal and commercial use, can be downloaded for free. It comes with a full set of lower and upper case, special characters and numbers.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-Daniel

7. Journal

The Journal is a free handwriting font developed by Fontourist. It supports more than 50 languages. Can be downloaded for free.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-Journal

8. Fabfelt Script

Fabfelt Script was developed by a french graphic designer Fabien Despinoy. His comments about this font are “I tried to design a handwritten typeface without graininess, which is natural and a little retro”.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-Fabfelt Script

9. Linny

Linny is a handwriting font, created by Maya aka Linny. This is actually her self hand-writing style which later was developed as a font. It is now available for both personal and commercial use. It comes with a complete set of upper and lower case letters.

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-linny

10. Architect’s Daughter

Architect’s Daughter is a font developed was Kimberly Geswein. This was actually a self hand-writing style of the daughter of an architect. It is based on the style of daily handwriting. banner ad design

10 Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Designers-Architect's Daughter

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Custom Flyer Printing Services: Online Flyers vs Print Flyers

Flyer printing is a large expense for establishment of retail businesses but helps in generating abundant revenue. There are two major types of flyer: Online Flyers and Print Flyers.

flyers design

Online Flyers

Online flyers are useful for researching goods or services on the internet: When someone is surfing the Internet in search of a particular item, digital flyers help a lot. Therefore, most of the internet users read online flyers. Some online flyers or magazines even have useful hyperlinks to product reviews.

But sometime online flyers can be annoying when you’re not interested in the service or product: If I’m not in the product advertised on online flyer, I’ll delete the online flyer without even clicking it.

Print Flyers

Print flyers more useful than online flyers, as they are hard to dismiss. Print flyers are majorly used in the local community newspaper. People give them a little more time than online flyers, and the lead generation rate from print flyers is higher than online flyers.

Smartphones have small screens, so reading online flyers is difficult. I’ll talk about myself, If I’m not in front of my PC, there’s no chance that I’ll look at a online flyer. Large screen of Smartphone and fast browser speed browser can make viewing an online flyer pleasurable. Personally, I like printed flyer because I can glance at it, and pick it up later. Notebook computers and Tablets are changing the trend and online flyers are in a state of competition with printer flyers.

Online flyers are considered as an eco-friendly alternative to paper printed flyers. Printing and distributing paper flyers are expensive. They can be used for targeted clients more precisely; reducing printing costs; and pairing print flyers with online media.

Kool Design Maker is the expert print shop in USA offering graphics designing, flyer designing, web design and printing services. Visit Us NOW to get custom designed flyers or other printing material for your business.

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How to Design Effective Display Signs and Billboards

If you are a graphic designer, you should know how to design effective display signs and billboards. There are few differences in designing small banners and display signs. The major difference is scale. The display signs are a lot larger in size than the standard web banners. Other factors to focus on during designing signage are display location, typography; color scheme, contrast and material the sign will be printed on.

lodo creator company

Keeping in mind all these factors will make a better sign design.

1. Consider Size and Scale

A sign is among the largest things a graphic designer ever designs. Think of it like a big thing. A standard business card is 3.5 inches by 2 inches in size; a standard yard sign is 24 inches by 18 inches and a standard bulletin billboard is 14 feet high by 48 feet wide.

Size and scale are interesting challenges for a graphic designer. Signs have to be easily read and understood completely from a distance, often by people who only have a few seconds to look in that direction. So everything should be larger in size and simple for clear visibility.

2. Use Eye-Catching Colors and Graphics

Color is one of the most important factors that need attention when working on a sign project. You should focus on it with following two things in mind:

  • Contrast and visibility
  • Branding and identity

Generally color and graphics should be bright and saturated. Try to avoid light colors. Never use colors that have a lot of contrast, especially between the images and background.

The main purpose of signs is to catch someone’s attention in first look; you need to go big in terms of graphics and images. Also think about the location where the sign will be located. Just suppose if the sign is placed in between green tress and the theme color of your sign is also green, how visible will it really be to people?

You should plan for color scheme, keeping in mind the placement location.

3. Use Effective Contrast

The contrast is also an important part of any graphics design project, you should use such a contrast that gains someone’s attention I a couple of seconds. Every focal point should be clearly distinguishable.

There is no standard set of color combinations for display signs and contrast, given below are a few that are majorly used in signage being easy to read from a distance:

  • Red and white
  • Red and yellow
  • Green and white
  • Blue and white
  • Blue and yellow
  • Black and white
  • Black and yellow

You can create even more contrast in the sign design by adding a boarder in your design. A simple, thick black or white border encasing the sign image can help in making it more prominent from almost any other condition.

4. Consider Location

Think about the placement of the sign before designing. If you do not know the exact physical location of the signage, think about it in terms of primary placement.

You need to focus on following questions before designing:

Will the design be featured in the sky, such as a billboard?

Will the design be featured on the ground, such as a yard sign?

Will the design be featured on a moving vehicle, such as a wrap?

Will it be displayed indoors?

Do the sign have a border?

Then ask from client about the placement location of the sign. It will help you in selecting a color pattern that contrasts with the environment.

5. Use Simple Typography

When it comes to typography, keep it simple and big. Use the standard lettering in terms to 10 to 100. That means 10 inches of letter height for every 100 feet of visibility.

Do consider the total number of words. Use short and simple message. Never use a message containing more than 15 words. The standard formula used is the 3 by 5 rule. It can be defined in following two ways:

  • Five lines of text, up to three words each, or
  • Three lines of text, up to five words each

Consider using bold typography. Bold lettering helps in readability from a distance. Use spaces where required, it will minimize confusion in reading from a distance.

6. Printing Material

Printing material impacts on every decision you make in sign designing. Sign materials are often categorized into two basic categories based on location (indoor vs. outdoor). Most of the sign designs are printed on a vinyl banner, billboard, magnetic and corrugated plastic. Location of sign placement also impacts on printing material.

Ask from client about the printing material in the start of the project; get the specs, and ask about file formats. Getting detailed specs of projects at the start will save a lot of headache in the end.


Consider your sign design project like almost any other project, and if you are working on this kind for the first time, ask plenty of questions from the client before you get started. Sign design is not tricky; it required a high contrast, simple typography and visible to read from long distances.

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Importance of Banner Advertisement in Online Business

When we talk about online advertising and marketing banner is always the preferred way due to its effectiveness. Recent research shows that consumers’ engagements in banner ads are higher than TV ads and the reason behind it that internet users are more than TV viewers. In 2014 worldwide internet users’ figure is 2,923 million which is increasing rapidly. That great figure motivates online marketers to invest in banner advertisement because there are lots of opportunities to reach these internet users.

Purpose of Banner Advertisement:

Every businessman wants to grow in market and for this purpose different people use different methods of advertising and marketing. On daily basis we see different ads and banners on different locations such as TV ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, posters, billboards, vinyl banners and many more. The ultimate purpose of banner advertisement is to tell audience about your brand, products and services. Banner ads are affordable than any other medium of advertising like if you want to advertise on TV you have to pay lot of money for a few seconds ad but when we talk about web banner ads it is affordable and bring huge output. So if you want to boost your online business you have to go with banner advertisement.

Where You Should Place Your Banner?

It is very important question which get attention of all marketers. It depends on your nature of business and your target audience what in which area or in which country you want to target the audience. If you are running a restaurant and you are thinking about banner advertisement you need to search most visiting and famous blogs or website in that particular area. For example that restaurant is located in Brightwaters, NY definitely you are not going to advertise your business in London. You will search those blogs, website or pages which are getting mostly traffic from Brightwaters or from New York City. So if you want to get fast and better response from banner ads you need to be conscious about the selection of space where you are going to put your ads.

What is Perfect Size?

Marketers feel confusion about the banner size selection that which is the perfect size? And in which size we should advertise and in which size we will get better response and CTR? Actually it depends on the space you are getting, there is not a fix size but yes we have some standard sizes like 250 x 250px, 300 x 250px, 180 x 150px, 728 x 90px, 234px x 60px, 160px x 600px but we can make banners in any size, it depends on space we have. Every designer should keep one thing in mind that a standard and exact size brings perfection and attraction in banner.

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3 Different Types of Banner Ads

We all know the importance of banner advertisement and its effectiveness in online business. Banner advertisement is very helpful to increase the website or blog’s traffic; it is also helpful generating sales in low investment. Banner advertisement has 3 different types which are static banner, flash banner and animated banners, different people use different types of banners ads but the purpose is same. Here we are going to explain about these different types of banners.

Static Banners:

Static banner contains simple graphics and text and delivered in a one single frame we call it as simple banner or still banner. Lots of website and business owners like static banner due to their simplicity. In these kinds of banners designs have to be very careful while designing because they don’t have too much to express rather than graphics and text. Therefore an appealing sentence and attractive graphics or image can make a static banner eye-catchy. When we talk about static banners everyone thinks that he/she can make an attractive web banner but it is not as simple as they people think. Only professional and experienced designers can make attractive, meaningful and appealing banner ad which can help to get traffic and business leads.

Benefits of Static Banners:

  • Static banners are cost effective
  • These banners don’t scream
  • Static banners are simple, attractive and appealing
  • It is ideal and traditional type of banner advertisement
  • Their CTR rate is higher than other kinds of banners

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Tips To Make an Attractive Banner Ad

Banner ad is still very important source of advertising and marketing and millions of marketers like this method of marketing because it is very helpful to get good figure of traffic and business leads on a website. A well designed banner ad can easily grab viewers’ attention therefore it is very important to hire a professional and affordable banner ads designing company to get a best and attractive banner. Here we are going to share some most important points which are necessary to make any banner ad attractive and perfect.

Banner Size:

In banner ads making the most important thing is its size because it has not its fix size you can create it according to your need and space. Most famous and common sizes of banner ads are these

336×280 Large Rectangles
300×250 Medium Rectangles
728×90 Leader board
160×600 Wide Skyscrapers

Knowledge about exact size of space will help to create a perfect banner ad because if your client bought a space on a website or blog for 300×250 and you are creating it on a different dimension, how it will be perfect and attractive? So size does matter and knowledge about a perfect space is necessary to create a perfect banner ad.
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Benefits of Mind Blowing Flash Banner Designs

If you want to make more interactive flashy and catchy add your first choice should be flash banner ads. They are professional, they are persuasive and they can give you more clicks through rates (CTR) which no other ad can give you. Flash banner ads are more appealing than other ads because of the unique visual experience your customer got by watching such ads. People show more interest on those things which look real and having a life in it. Not just that there is another list of benefits which you get by designing flash banner design

More Explanatory:

Flash banner designs are more self-explanatory than simple static banners design because of the layers you can provide more information and even explain your message more clearly. Due to the moving impact they look more interesting and your viewer intend to read it.

More Persuasive:

Flash banner designs are more persuasive then a simple banner adds. Due to its colors, strong animation, images and message a unique and interesting message you are providing in your banner design can make your flash banner more persuasive and eye grabbing.


High quality graphics and animation can take your flash banner design to the other heights of perfection. Only a professional designer who had a great deal of experience and expertise can create unique flash banner ads for his clients. Designer’s own art and creativity and bunch of expertise of graphic designing can make your flash banner ad worth admiring.


Results are the only thing which maters at the end and we can measure the success rate of our banner ads by its CTR if your CTR increased after placing flash add then its means that your flash banner ad is perfect.

These are some additional benefits which are normally unseen but they do have importance and cause a great impact in success of your advertisement campaign. So be very careful while choosing your design for making your flash banner ads so that you can also get the same benefits that we are mentioned here.


Premium Quality Animated GIF Banner Ads

Animated GIF banner ads are more convincing than simple static banner ads because of its moving words and images which can immediately grab viewer’s attention and make your ads stand out. Animated banners are more effective for your advertising campaigns because they provide you a professional appearance for your product launch and also provide you space to show case important information about your products and services.

High quality animated GIF ads are really remarkably advertised and promote your brand but they are quite expensive for small and medium business firms. Such ads can only be affordable for large business organization. Then what about other business forms which are although small but want to present their self as a professional enterprise? For such firms I strongly recommend those designing companies who are offering high quality innovative designs for low prices. Now the question is how we could found such companies who are offering premium quality with affordable designs? So the answer is its quite simple. You have to follow these rules:

•    Always try to find a person who can recommend you a good designing company for your animated GIF banner ads.
•    If you don’t have any recommendation just Google about it.
•    Select and make a list of your most favorite companies.
•    Contact those designing firms and inquire about their product and services.
•    Once you select your company try to find the testimonial about this company. View their blogs and read the comments about their products. This is one most simplest and reliable tool to see whether their work is satisfactory or not.
•    Talk to their sales executive and inquire about their services. After talking their sales executive you got some idea about their work and professionalism.
•    When you select your desired company. Discuss your entire request with their designer who is going to design your animated GIF banner.
•    Tell him/her what you exactly want from them and if you want to focus on some personal feature also tell them.
•    Good companies must offer unlimited revisions and changes services. Like if you don’t like their design you can ask to change it and company do not charge you extra money for that.

Finding a premium quality design for low price is difficult but it’s not impossible at all so try to find the best company for your animated GIF ads.


Why Printing Quality Is Important For Your Vinyl Banner Ads

Vinyl banners are the most effective way to convey your message about your product and services, directly to your customer the main reason that vinyl banners ads are getting more and more famous. An attractive, catchy and creative ad can immediately grab your audience attention. As more and more people see your ad, it’s more likely that they also remember it and place an order for that particular item you advertise through vinyl banner.

When we talk about vinyl banners quality its means we are not just talking about vinyl banners printing material. It includes many things like

•    Printing material quality
•    Paper used for printing your vinyl banner
•    How clearly the design is printed
•    Vinyl banner finishing
•    The way it hem
•    The way vinyl banner is designed
•    The combination of colors
•    The perfect font
•    Use of images

In short each and everything which used to complete a one banner is including in its quality. For example if your vinyl banner is printed on thin or cheap material it cannot bear the pressure of air and fade out quickly. Thin quality materials are ok for indoor functions like birthday parties, seminars rooms, indoor meetings, or in offices but if your want to place them outside then they will simply not work and fell down.

At Kool Design Maker you find the best printing material for your vinyl banner ads our professional designer design a best vinyl banner for you and our quality assurance department will take care of all your concerns regarding quality of printing & designing of your vinyl banners. We believe in delivering a best product at a very affordable designing and printing packages in a minimum time possible so get your incredible vinyl banners now.

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Drive More Traffic To Your Web Site with Animated GIF Banner Ad

Animated GIF banners first made in 1987. It comes from static images and by combining static images with animations GIF ads are created brilliantly. Animated GIF banner ads are attractive, simple and catchy. And due to their simplicity they are widely used by small medium entrepreneur for marketing purpose. You can use 256 colors in animated GIF ads which is a sufficient amount of color used for any advertisement on the other hand different images are also used in making of GIF ads. There are 10 salient advantages of using animated GIF ads like.

•        Simple but attractive and eye catchy
•        Gif ads are used as a marketing tool for promoting of new product in order to generate more traffic on websites
•        They are SEO friendly and can higher your advertisement ranking
•        They are small in size so GIF ads loaded even if your internet speed is low
•        They do not need any plug in to watch their animations
•        GIF ads are simply cool
•        Up gradation of GIF ads are quite easy
•        They are easy to use in web pages
•        GIF ads are easy to create due their simplicity
•        They can immediately grab viewers’ attention

Due to these salient features of animated GIF ads they are the favorite of small medium firms. They are less expensive, cause no burden on your budget and have a power to communicate with viewers. You can easily convey your brand message or impression through animates GIF ads.

Kool Design Makers can give your animated GIF ads a unique look, meaning, they can give your design a life. They make your imagination in reality. Our professional designers have years of experience in creating high quality, excellent animated Gif ads at very affordable and economical packages. We give you the best quality in minimum time and unlimited revisions because our objective is 100% satisfaction of our valuable customers. So order your animated GIF ad now to get a great results and for successful marketing campaign.

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