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8 Ways to Market Your Brand with Seasonal Spirit

Whether it’s Valentine, Halloween, Thanksgiving, start of summer or Christmas, seasonal branding can help you in getting noticed, make good impacts on how customers perceive you, and can even increase sales. Let’s take the example of Valentine Day and Christmas, small businesses and mega shopping stores all around start adopt the best marketing strategy to increase sales of their products.


It’s really important to keep alive your brand name in customers minds. Never ignore your core identity in seasonal branding, make sure to deliver your brand message with seasonal festive. When it’s time to plan your seasonal branding, you need to focus on relevancy and consistency.

Consistency is very important both across the season and your marketing output. The brand experience should be relevant and consistent, whether the customer is looking at your store, brochure, business card, press ad, website or other advertisements. Given below are 8 tips to adopt for seasonal branding:

Logo Design

You can change logo of your business at different occasions, remember never change your complete logo, just make minor changes. You can add a heart in your logo design at the time of Valentine and Christmas cap during Christmas festive.

Color Scheme

Every season has its own colors, which immediately inspire the right mood. Christmas is the multi colors festive. If your brand’s theme is simple then add splash of color during Christmas festive.

Create a Fun Video

Create a fun video and share it on YouTube, Daily motion, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Google+ and other social media channels. Video is a package for delivering the right message and getting customer’s attention. Get your team members together with occasionally get ups and create a video about your business and deliver the message.

Greeting Cards

Send Valentine, Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas cards to your customers. It will create a positive and professional image of your business and change the way how your customers perceive you.

Catchy Taglines

Catchy taglines can inspire the feelings of warmth, be cheerful and emotive, but focus to your core message. Greeting message is really important if you’re sending out branded festive cards.

Graphic Design of Marketing Material

Hire a professional graphics design company for festive spin on greeting cards, flyers, posters, brochures and t-shirts. Attractive designs attract customers, so don’t compromise on design work.

Offer Free Home Delivery

During any festive, deliver your customers all products and gifts with a smile and free of delivery charges. Also send them a thank you card for choosing your business.

Participate in Local Events

Organize or participate in local events on different festive. It will make people to remember you. Offer free games and treats for kids. Help give their parents a break, so they can concentrate on browsing your store. Don’t forget to display your most popular on front; it will catch the eye of everyone passing by your store.

Branding is all about describing who you are and what you do, and associating concepts and emotions with your name. Each festive comes once in a year, but the core identity of your business should be recognizable all year round. Being creative to promote your business during these festive has a lot to do with having fun.

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Some Knowledge Tips for Custom Envelope Printing Services

No doubt, it’s the era of internet and smart world. Emails are widely used for business communications, but nothing can beat the importance of traditional letter. For sending letters, envelops are still in high demand. Your custom envelope printing service can better help you if you know following basic tips:

Booklet vs. Catalog Envelopes

There are two following two types of envelopes:

Booklet:  The envelope opened from the top side or large side is called “open side envelope” or “Booklet”.

Catalog: The envelope opened from the short side is called “open end envelope” or catalog.

Custom Envelope Printing Services

Which Paper Weight to Use?

Envelops are printed in different paper weights as per your requirement. The most envelops are printed in the following weights: 20#, 24#, and 28# roughly corresponding to 50#, 60#, and 70# text paper.

The usual weight for a regular envelope would be 24# but if you need cheap envelopes, you may use 20# envelopes. A good hefty sheet for a durable catalog envelope or an invitation envelope would be 28#.

A wise decision will be to use a heavier paper for an important printed product or if you need a durable and strong envelope for a quality product then thinner envelope will be not reliable.

Envelope Size

Set your printer for envelope sizes, and prepare your design according to that. Make sure to leave 1/4” to 1/8” minimum blank space on all sides. Leave more if you have designed an envelope with multiple enclosures.

You can also purchase printer that prints commercial envelops. It will be more economical than a regular commercial printer. You may also consult any professional printing company for this project.

Glues Used in Envelope Printing

The glue used for holding the seams together is called spot gluing or pattern gluing. It is used only once, on removal it cannot be reused. The glue you moisturize to make the security seal on the envelope is called “remoistenable glue.” Print Shop uses a glue stick on the open cover of the envelope that is moistened to activate the glue before sealing. Once you fix the seal, the bond is permanent and that stick cannot be reused.

Peel & Seal (also known as Peel-and-stick) is glue used for sealing envelops. It comes with a second covering of glossy paper that is removed for making security seal of envelope. Latex glue is mostly used in banks for currency envelopes. It is applied on both flaps of envelops and is usable multiple times. You can open and seal this envelope for numerous times.

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How to Reduce Custom Book Printing Costs

If you want to get your custom book printed, you should be aware that the final costs may include some “extras” those you were not expecting. These are not over charges; rather these are costs you should consider and negotiate prior to sending your final design files to press.

custom book printing


The processes during presswork including trimming, folding, binding, and others may destroy some copies of your printed book. This is called spoilage. For compensating this spoilage, the printing press usually produces more copies of your book than needed, known as “overage”. The common practice is to produce up to 10 percent more copies than the requested quantity. Remember, the print shop will charge this extra cost back to you at the per-book unit cost. You can usually negotiate for a lower billable percentage.

Stamping Die

If your ordered case-bound book imprinted with foil stamping on the front cover, the specially made die for this process will be an additional cost. Dies made for a few words on the spine, front cover and back cover and may cost hundreds of dollars.

Carton Printing Die

If you want to pack individual copies of your book, you will need to print cartons to pack your book. If you print black ink cartons with just an address information and logo on it, the die for this process will cost a few hundred dollars extra as well.


This is not included in the book printing price, so it is necessary to discuss how the print shop will deliver the printed books to you and how much this will cost.

Alterations Cost

If you make any editorial changes to the design, the print shop will charge you extra. Even if you make the changes and resubmit the affected pages, you will be charged an extra cost on your invoice.

When you’re working on deals with the print shop for custom book printer services, it is important to discuss these extra costs early in the book printing process.

At Kool Design Maker, we offer great low prices for Custom Book Printing and Office Stationery Printing services. We deliver quality at affordable cost. Discount deals available for Schools and Colleges, Contact Us NOW to avail educational institutions discount deals.

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5 Tips For Making A Good Business Card

If you want to deliver the right idea about you and your business, you need to have the right business cards. You need to get the right impression to accurately deliver the professional approach of your work.

print shop, business-cards-printing

If you want to create a reliable business image, you need to present a quality business card to people.

1. Paper Type

The paper used in Business Card Printing can make a huge difference in how your card is observed. Thick 600gsm paper is used for impressive business cards printing. Using good printing paper shows your clients and customers that you are running a professional business and willing to invest in getting positive leads and higher quality products. Spot UV finishing, foil blocking and embossing can add style, sophistication and impressive look to your business cards.

2. Business Name

Your business name should be the main focus point in the business card, along with the logo of your business if you have one (if you don’t, Visit Us). Brand awareness should be the main focus for success of the business; you’ll need to make sure that people know who you are and what you do.

3. Abbreviate Business Name

Use right spelling and abbreviation of business name, make it simple for people to understand the name of your business. Don’t assume that people can easily understand what you do from your business name. Having a company name like, “Kool Design Maker” is probably quite straight and easy to understand. You should include 2-3 short bullet points about the services you offer or list some of your products.

4. Create Space

Never complete area of the card with text and other contact info, try to use a minimum area of the card. More space makes business card look attractive and decent. The keep it simple design methodology is best when it comes to small spaces.

5. Use Contrast

Use only one or two colors for the text on your business cards to give them a sophisticated and modern look. Try to use the same color combination throughout your marketing (website, stationery, leaflets) to create a professional image of your brand.

Keep in mind above mentioned 5 tips for making a good business card. If you have any project of graphic design or printing, contact us at

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How to Design Effective Display Signs and Billboards

If you are a graphic designer, you should know how to design effective display signs and billboards. There are few differences in designing small banners and display signs. The major difference is scale. The display signs are a lot larger in size than the standard web banners. Other factors to focus on during designing signage are display location, typography; color scheme, contrast and material the sign will be printed on.

lodo creator company

Keeping in mind all these factors will make a better sign design.

1. Consider Size and Scale

A sign is among the largest things a graphic designer ever designs. Think of it like a big thing. A standard business card is 3.5 inches by 2 inches in size; a standard yard sign is 24 inches by 18 inches and a standard bulletin billboard is 14 feet high by 48 feet wide.

Size and scale are interesting challenges for a graphic designer. Signs have to be easily read and understood completely from a distance, often by people who only have a few seconds to look in that direction. So everything should be larger in size and simple for clear visibility.

2. Use Eye-Catching Colors and Graphics

Color is one of the most important factors that need attention when working on a sign project. You should focus on it with following two things in mind:

  • Contrast and visibility
  • Branding and identity

Generally color and graphics should be bright and saturated. Try to avoid light colors. Never use colors that have a lot of contrast, especially between the images and background.

The main purpose of signs is to catch someone’s attention in first look; you need to go big in terms of graphics and images. Also think about the location where the sign will be located. Just suppose if the sign is placed in between green tress and the theme color of your sign is also green, how visible will it really be to people?

You should plan for color scheme, keeping in mind the placement location.

3. Use Effective Contrast

The contrast is also an important part of any graphics design project, you should use such a contrast that gains someone’s attention I a couple of seconds. Every focal point should be clearly distinguishable.

There is no standard set of color combinations for display signs and contrast, given below are a few that are majorly used in signage being easy to read from a distance:

  • Red and white
  • Red and yellow
  • Green and white
  • Blue and white
  • Blue and yellow
  • Black and white
  • Black and yellow

You can create even more contrast in the sign design by adding a boarder in your design. A simple, thick black or white border encasing the sign image can help in making it more prominent from almost any other condition.

4. Consider Location

Think about the placement of the sign before designing. If you do not know the exact physical location of the signage, think about it in terms of primary placement.

You need to focus on following questions before designing:

Will the design be featured in the sky, such as a billboard?

Will the design be featured on the ground, such as a yard sign?

Will the design be featured on a moving vehicle, such as a wrap?

Will it be displayed indoors?

Do the sign have a border?

Then ask from client about the placement location of the sign. It will help you in selecting a color pattern that contrasts with the environment.

5. Use Simple Typography

When it comes to typography, keep it simple and big. Use the standard lettering in terms to 10 to 100. That means 10 inches of letter height for every 100 feet of visibility.

Do consider the total number of words. Use short and simple message. Never use a message containing more than 15 words. The standard formula used is the 3 by 5 rule. It can be defined in following two ways:

  • Five lines of text, up to three words each, or
  • Three lines of text, up to five words each

Consider using bold typography. Bold lettering helps in readability from a distance. Use spaces where required, it will minimize confusion in reading from a distance.

6. Printing Material

Printing material impacts on every decision you make in sign designing. Sign materials are often categorized into two basic categories based on location (indoor vs. outdoor). Most of the sign designs are printed on a vinyl banner, billboard, magnetic and corrugated plastic. Location of sign placement also impacts on printing material.

Ask from client about the printing material in the start of the project; get the specs, and ask about file formats. Getting detailed specs of projects at the start will save a lot of headache in the end.


Consider your sign design project like almost any other project, and if you are working on this kind for the first time, ask plenty of questions from the client before you get started. Sign design is not tricky; it required a high contrast, simple typography and visible to read from long distances.

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Remember Your Customers on Christmas

We are just 2 days far from Christmas and everyone is getting ready to celebrate this big occasion. Holidays have been started and families are planning to make their Christmas memorable. On these kinds of big occasions everyone tries to send best wishes to his friends, family members, colleagues, classmates and relatives. If we talk about business, nowadays businesses are almost shut down but smart business owners and marketing experts are still working, you know why? Because they are busy to send wishes to their customers. They don’t forget their customers on these kinds of big occasions because they know that that little thing will help them to earn good will for their business. There are lots of ways to show your care for them on this Christmas.

Send Them Postcards:

Christmas postcard could be a good option to wish your customers and tell them that you remember them on all important occasions. A well designed Christmas postcard can say thousands of words to your customers. In this way you can get benefits of branding and marketing of your business, services and products. You can make your Christmas postcard multi-functional but only professional graphics designers can add this element in a post card like Kool Design Maker.

Email Templates:

Email marketing is the one the best, fast and easy source of marketing in which you can reach to millions of people just in one click. On Christmas you should wish Christmas to your customers with a well designed email template. If you are running an eCommerce business then you can offer special discount deals to them, in this way you can boost your sale in short time.

Mobile SMS:

Nowadays mobile marketing method is hot favorite because of its high open rate. In this method of marketing SMS sender has great opportunity to get good response because everyone check his/her text message alerts. When you send Christmas wishes to your customers on their text message inbox definitely they will appreciate this effort and that thing will help you to increase your business good will.

So you should start send wishing to your customers right now because it’s right time to cash this big event.


Forget About Online Marketing and Use These Mediums

Business is all about marketing and advertising, without doing effective marketing we can’t grab customers’ therefore different marketers and business owners use different mediums of marketing and advertising. Usually we use online marketing methods like email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, banner ads, email newsletters but when we talk about potential marketing in local business market there are different ways which are very effective and helpful to get good figure of traffic as well as business. Here we are going to talk about these mediums of marketing except online marketing methods. If you are tired with online marketing methods and you are not getting enough from them. You just need to forget about them and use these mediums of marketing which are these;

Door Hangers:

When we talk about local business marketing door hanger is very effective way of advertising and it is very helpful to increase business leads in short time. Most important benefit of door hanger is that you will get calls or quires only from potential customers because only those people will contact you who are interested in your products or services. If you are running a restaurant, saloon or book store in your area and you want to target a particular city or town then door hanger is the best choice because when you hang your door hanger on people’s door definitely they will read it carefully and if they are interested they will call you and if they are not definitely they will remember you whenever they need services or products related to your business. Keep in mind while choosing door hanger designers that only professional and experienced designers can design such attractive door hangers which can grab viewers’ attention. So always hire professionals to increase your call of action in your door hangers.


A pamphlet is an unbound booklet, it may consist of a single sheet of paper that is printed on both sides and single side, and it depends on your needs. Some people mix them with brochures but these are different. It is the part of hand to hand marketing in which you spread your printed stuff to people just to tell them about your brand, product, services, business, event or some discount offers. Different people use them in different ways, some use them for religious purpose and other use them for propaganda but it is up to you that how you use them. Pamphlet has power insist to read the person who is holding it. It doesn’t matter he/she is going to buy something from you or not, but you can leave a mark on his/her mind and it will happen only when your pamphlet has eye-catchy text and discount offers. So if you want to cash the power of pamphlet marketing you need to hire professional pamphlet designers for this purpose.

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Kool Design Maker – Your One Stop Online Business Solution

In this electronic and technology era if you have no online business presence then you are losing too much time and opportunities of business growth. All international and national companies, brands and organizations have their online presence therefore it is very important to be online with your business. No matter you have a small business or a corporate business you have to be online because it is trend now to search products and services online? Therefore every business person needs online services providing companies.  At Kool Design Maker, we are offering all online business related services in professional way with 100% satisfaction. After purchasing domain name and hosting services you need to build a website no matter it is small or a big website we are here to build it in perfect way. Here we are going to mention those important services we are offering to our valuable clients and which are necessary for your online business.

Company Logo Design:

Importance of a company logo is very high; a logo is a critical aspect of business marketing and it is face of a business therefore every business owner should be very conscious while choosing a business logo design. If a business owner is designer or has an idea about his business logo there is no need to ask graphics designers about a logo design idea. Owner should create his own company logo like Pepsi’s inventor “Caleb Bradham” created his company logo by himself but if you are not a designer and you don’t have any idea about your company logo then you need to hire a professional logo designing company like Kool Design Maker because only professional people can deliver you professional stuff. Since 2004 we are in this business and we have created thousands of logos for our thousands of clients. We know the meaning of creativity, innovation, uniqueness and perfection therefore we always deliver best with 100% guaranteed satisfaction with unlimited changes and free revisions. You can check our logo portfolio to see our work.

Business Website:

In this era of technology websites are as important as your shops and outlets are because a business website is like an online shop therefore it should be attractive, user-friendly, search engine friendly and full of information about your business. If you are not a website designer definitely you need a professional web designing company to get an amazing website. No matter you need a small or a big website, a simple HTML or a responsive and dynamic website; we are here to serve you with 100% satisfaction. We are expert in all languages and CMS, our experienced website designers and developers are expert in all fields. We will provide your responsive and mobile friendly website which will be equally helpful for all users. Continue reading