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Essentials of a Perfect Letterhead Design

There are lots of methods for branding and we use these methods on different time and with different style. Company stationery is one of the most important and effective methods of branding which is very helpful to market any brand. From company stationery, letterhead is very important part which is link to professional people. We use it to correspond with our valuable and potential customers as well as with other companies in official corresponding therefore letterhead deserves more importance and every business owner should conscious about its design and print. In this scenario we are going to share some essentials of a letterhead design which can make any letterhead perfect. These essentials are;

Keep it Simple:

Simplicity is best and it never gets old or out of fashion as great Leonardo da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Therefore A simple letterhead can make all the difference to the success of your branding. It is really important that your letterhead should look great but ever designers should keep in mind that in chasing of that greatness you shouldn’t make it complicated or awkward. So always try to make it as simple as you can.

Correct Size:

We all know that its standard size is A4 or 8.5×11 and every designer should follow the role and standard size. It is possible that a designer can modify its design according to customers’ need but never go out of standard. In this standard size a designer should not cover the essential details on huge area of total space; he/she should try to leave enough blank space for writing because purpose of letterhead is corresponding not to show design.

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Benefits of Having Professional Business Stationery

Corresponding in professional way with potential customers and other regular customers can help you to build a professional image in your customers’ minds. Every business needs to correspond with their customers because customers are everything in any business, what if you are corresponding with them in unprofessional way? Definitely it will build negativity in their minds. Therefore professional business stationery is necessary for professional communication with your clients. In this scenario company stationery has great importance but there is more need to hire professional stationery designing & printing company for your business stationery. Kool Design Maker is the best graphics designing and printing company in USA providing high quality and professional business stationery designing services in affordable rates. Here we are going to discuss some benefits of having professional business stationery.

Branding Identity:

Business stationery is not just helpful in professional corresponding, it is your branding identity and it can increase brand awareness for your business. Therefore the most important benefit of having company stationery is that you don’t need to invest too much in branding, when you correspond with your customers or any other person it will help you to tell them about your brand and business. In this scenario the most important thing is it should be design in very creative and professional way and for this purpose you need to hire professional stationery designers.

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Creative Business Cards Design Ideas for Your Inspiration

In this digital era of marketing and advertising when we have lots of sources in advertising, no one can neglect the importance of a visiting card especially when you are owner of a business or in managerial posts. A well designed business card can say thousands of words in your absence therefore its importance and effectiveness is very high. When a particular thing has great importance you shouldn’t leave it for inexperienced persons. You need to hire professional business card designing and printing company to get amazing, customized and professional visiting cards for your business.

Kool Design Maker is the best web and graphics agency providing all kinds of designing and printing services in affordable rates with 100% perfection and satisfaction. At we have designed thousands of visiting cards for our thousands of valuable customers. Here we are going to share some visiting cards ideas for your inspiration.









12 Custom Letterhead Design Ideas

Your business stationery is the most important part of your business especially in customers’ correspondence. Therefore well designed business stationery can say thousands of words especially when you are not present in front of your customers. In business stationery, letterhead and envelope both are very important things because whenever you write letters to your customers, business partners or other people you need to use perfect design of letterhead and envelope. At Kool Design Maker, we have years of experience in the field of letterhead, envelope and business card designing with full of creativity and professionalism. Here we are going to share some custom letterhead design ideas for our viewers just to show our creativity of work.




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Presentation Folder is the Professional Way to Promote Your Business

Presentation folders are used to hold papers which are off course important but not bind in a proper way. Due to this reason presentation folders are considered as a very important stationery item in office because in an office there are many documents which considered important but not bind properly. It is not necessary that folders are used only for formal presentation in seminars and other official places these are useful for individuals, in hospitals for doctor’s prescription, in school, colleges, universities and many more. As folder has different usage, it designs are also varied according to its use like if folders are made for doctors it contains simplicity, doctor’s complete professional intro, contacts detail and information about hospital or doctor’s clinic.

We all know about the usage of presentation folders but only few know about its importance in professional world. It’s far more useful than just holding papers and documents. Here we are going to discuss about folders’ benefits which are not commonly known by many people.

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Marketing & Promotion:

It is a really efficient and effective tool for marketing and advertising about your business and profession. Smart marketers always strive to find new and innovative ways to promote their goods and services in this scenario making presentation folders designing is a really smart way.

Increase Customer Retention:

If you’re old customers who are no longer your regular buyer, presentation folders can make him to buy your services and products again. Like most of the time we said that a particular item we use has the best results and we referring it to someone but couldn’t remember its name then your official presentation folder can help you to recall it.

Professional Impact:

Presentation folders have a strong psychological impact on your customer’s mind about your professionalism and attitude towards your work. It presents your seriousness toward your business and your business dealing.

So be very careful while designing presentation folder and always go for professional designing company. Only professional designing companies know how to design your business folder in a most professional and innovative way that can be retained be everyone. At we have lots of experience in designing business stationery like envelopes, Letterhead Design, business cards, presentation folders etc. So if you want to get customized presentation folders for your business in affordable rates just contact us and get amazing designs.

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Importance of Well Designed Business Stationery

When it about business then every single thing related to marketing, publicizing and business dealings are important. Stationery is the best tool to project your professionalism in front of your consumers especially when you are not present among them. Stationery is not just publicizing toll but it’s a complete psychological impact on your customers’ minds about your, business, profession, and your enthusiasm regarding your work assignment.

Stationery designing is a tough job because projecting your business idea through different official papers (like business card, letterhead, envelopes etc) is bit tough. You can use these official papers not for professional usage but also for personal usage. Its helps to imbed you name, identity and brand in mind if your customer.  Different professional companies give their stationery to their clients as a gift so that they can remember about their services and professionalism and whenever they want same kind of services they remember only their name.

There are lots more professional benefits we can get from printing and designing our own custom made stationery stuff. If you want to reap all desired benefits of well design stationery stuff then you should always go for professional stationery designing company so that they can design your business stationery in a professional way. Experienced and professional designers know about all the essential and advance details which are necessary to consider while designing stationery, including your business name and contact details are really necessary or not? What kind of color should be used? What kind of font and what should be the font size? What should be print in a background? What kind of theme suits you most? What are the major areas that should be covered in design like brand name, contact name, company slogan etc and many more?

Kool Design Maker is the best stationery designing company of USA. They have professional and experienced designers who can design your stationery in a best way. They are creative, experienced, innovative and smart. They know how to imbed your name in your customers’ mind. So contact us now to get the best business stationery stuff you have ever seen.

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Letterhead is Not Just A Piece of Paper

Your company letterheads are the most important part of your stationery design. Now you can find so many online websites which are providing you so called the best customize online letterhead designs but in reality they are not. Even some websites are given you an option to design your own letterhead but are you really creative enough to design a good letterhead for your company which fulfills all your professional needs? And provide a professional image in front of your customers? Answer is in no, because for designing a really remarkable professional letterhead you not just need creativity but also needs lots of experience.

Finding a good designing company is really a tough job because so many companies claim to be best but there are only few who know how to design letterheads in a proper way. We are going to share some suggestions to find a good designing company.

•    First you need to prefer referrals and suggested company because people who have their jobs done in a proper way can tell you about who is the best.

•    If you don’t have any referrals then you need to find some good company own you own. Google them or Bing them and make a large pool of good companies.

•    See their portfolios, testimonial and customer comments which are given on the website if they are good you can start communication.

•    Talk to their sales representative in person through Skype, or bold chat or any available mean. If you find them good then you can talk about your order.

•    Your letter heads are going to display true picture of your business so it should be designing in a very professional, simple and elegant way. You need to see their online available samples of letter heads.

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•    Tell your demands and negotiate about price.

•    Do not compromise on quality and time because these are the most important thing.

•    If you have some special demands about color and logo you can also tell them about it so it would be easy for them to design a perfect letter head what you really want.

At Kool Design Maker, we have vast experience in stationery designing and we have designed thousands of letterheads, envelopes, business cards and other stationery items for our thousands of valuable clients. So check our portfolio and find out our creativity in designing and give us order to design your business stationery in very affordable rates with outstanding and high quality results in time.

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Tips to Get a Perfect Letterhead Design

Only those marketers are successful who never waste ever small details, especially when you talk about marketing and advertising there are lots of things to pay attention. There are lots of ways and hundreds of methods to do marketing and advertising brands, products, services etc. Usually people don’t concentrate on their officer stationery stuff where they can use different office stationery for advertising and marketing purpose such as envelopes, letterheads, business cards, invitation cards, membership cards etc. Your internal marketing can be done in a best way by the help of your office stationery.

Your official letterhead is not just a piece of paper. It contains your whole company information, identity and your name. Like in a normal letter you can easily mention about your contact information, your logo, email Ids etc then what the trick behind it? If your letterhead is professional designed and it has all the contact information, your company logo and your brand name then you can grab attention. After the importance of design the most important thing is to print it with good quality. So it is clear that now that you should always go for professional designing company when it’s about designing and printing of your letterheads.

There are five essential things you should keep in mind while picking or approving your letter head design which are:

• Your color scheme should match with your business logo like if your business logo has red then your theme or background of your letter head should have red color touch.

• Quality of paper you use for your letter head does matter. No matter how much beautiful design you picked if your paper quality is not good your letterhead look cheap.

• You can add your business logo or your slogan in your latter head’s background. It looks really good and professional.

• Be very specific about the details you are mentioning in your letterhead. You should only add, your contact email, cell phone, or fax nothing else. When you add so many things it looks verbose.

• Always pick light colors for your letterhead background or theme. So that if you write something, it should look clear rather than merged with your letterhead’s background.

These are some important aspects which you should look while picking you best design. If you hire professional designing company for your letterhead design then you don’t have any need to be worried about these details because they take care all of these. Kool Design Maker is one of the best  Letterhead Design company

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Some Impressive Stationery Designing Tips

If you want to impress your customers and clients stationer designing is the best tool for this purpose. Your stationery is not just a piece of paper nor a visiting card. It’s a brief intro of your company in front of your clients and everybody wants to give a perfect intro of his/her company because your clients should feel that they are dealing with a professional company. Here we will discuss some really impressive and professional stationery designing tips.

•    For stationery designing chose the colors and themes according to the nature of business. Like if you are dealing with someone who deals in gold jewels then you must use tones of yellows and vice versa.
•    You need to be very simple and straight.
•    Try to nail your target. Like if you are designing an envelope your envelope should look like a proper envelope not some weird creepy box.
•    Do not try to make them trendy and glittery because not everyone in this world likes glitters and sharp colors. You need to be very sophisticated.

•    If you have something in your mind about your desired stationery design then you must discuss it with your designer.
•    Do not try to create abstract design for your stationery because it’s a stationary not your painting board. You need to be very specific about every minor detail you are mentioning in your stationery. Do mention about your contact information and company logo.
•    Get some inspiration from a great designers work if you out of good ideas.
•    Always ask suggestion from your clients sometimes your clients can give you better ideas.
•    Those companies which are related to software’s and intangible service providers are more likely to show innovation. Such companies always try to think out of the box and do something really different and amazing.

These are some excellent designing tips which can be incorporate with any designing you want to create and make your clients and customers happy.

So if you want perfect stationery design services visit for high quality and affordable stationery services.


Professional Envelope Can Really Impress Your Clients

Professional Envelop designing it’s an important part of marketing because its market your brand and your business in your absence. Think about a moment when your client receive a really professionally and beautifully designed envelope from you. Dose it cause any impact in your customer mind? Then the answer is yes off course it dose. In business world your business success all depends upon a good positive impact and a common perception about your work and company. If you are successful in causing a good impact on your customer’s mind then nobody can beats you and if you fail to do so then nobody can help you to stand up again.

So be very care full about these stuffs which cause good or bad impact about your company. Professionally design envelop can really helps you to get the deal because whenever your client look at your envelop without knowing what is inside definitely it helps to leave awesome impression. In this article we mention some of the most important things which should be present in your envelop.

•    Your company logo is one of the essential of your envelop design or you can say your envelop design is incomplete without it.
•    Your contact information in detail like your landline numbers, fax number and UAN number.
•    A good printing material.
•    A theme which can be your company logo or something closely related to your company.
•    A space for placing ticket
•    Color scheme, font size and theme should be carefully decided by your professional designer.

After suggesting all these tips it is very important that you should be very clear about one thing that your envelop is not just a piece of paper it is going to represent your corporate identity. It represents your brand identity and also increase your brand loyalty because it’s not just your clients which get your professional envelops. Therefore there is more need to make your envelopes and other business stationary more attractive and informative and for this purpose you should hire some professional designers to make it perfect. Kool Design Maker is one of the best and leading designing company of USA deals in all kinds of designing at affordable rates with high quality results.