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Rack Cards: An Effective Way of Advertisement

Rack cards play a very crucial role in product marketing. The main goal of a Rack card is to gain the attention of the customers while they are in queue for making transactions. Racks cards are majorly used in banks, schools, hotels, franchises of telecom companies and tourism related offices.

You might have seen rack cards at a bus station, placed there for promotion of various destinations. Travel agents place rack cards on their office tables for promoting different packages.


Design Tips for Rack Cards

While designing a rack card, always remember that is must compete with all other cards for catching viewer’s attention. These days, bold photos and catchy title are used for gaining attention of viewer. The design of top half portion of rack card is crucial, since the cards are placed in a metal or plastic rack and only the first half of card remains visible in a rack. So make the first half more attractive and catchy.

Use attractive and decent color scheme in the rack card design for making it view-able from a distance. Print a sample of your design and place it in a rack stand for having an idea how your rack card will look.

Add main headline, photo, contact information or call to action at the top of rack card. If you are designing dual sided rack card, you can include a list of products or services at the back side. If you are designing a rack card for a restaurant, consider adding a menu of special dishes on the back of the card.

In short, focus on the front side first half of rack card for the main idea and use remaining space for other required items.

Printing Tips for Rack Cards

Rack cards are cheap and effective sales tools for any type of business. Rack cards have two standard sizes: 4” x 9” and 3.5” x 8.5”. It is important to use one of these sizes since most card racks are built for these sizes of cards.

Selection of paper for rack cards also needs attention. You will also need to choose a paper stock, mostly glass, matte or uncoated cover paper is used for printing of rack cards. Many printers offer foil stamping to better catch the eye of the viewer and some offer gloss aqueous or UV coating for durability of rack cards.

When designing a custom rack card, also consider whether you want the cards shrink wrapped or whether you need rounded edges on the cards.

For a rack card design, it is very important to clearly deliver the main message at the top. Make it easy for readers to understand what action they are required to take. The rack card must leave a memory in viewer’s mind about your services for future use.

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8 Ways to Market Your Brand with Seasonal Spirit

Whether it’s Valentine, Halloween, Thanksgiving, start of summer or Christmas, seasonal branding can help you in getting noticed, make good impacts on how customers perceive you, and can even increase sales. Let’s take the example of Valentine Day and Christmas, small businesses and mega shopping stores all around start adopt the best marketing strategy to increase sales of their products.


It’s really important to keep alive your brand name in customers minds. Never ignore your core identity in seasonal branding, make sure to deliver your brand message with seasonal festive. When it’s time to plan your seasonal branding, you need to focus on relevancy and consistency.

Consistency is very important both across the season and your marketing output. The brand experience should be relevant and consistent, whether the customer is looking at your store, brochure, business card, press ad, website or other advertisements. Given below are 8 tips to adopt for seasonal branding:

Logo Design

You can change logo of your business at different occasions, remember never change your complete logo, just make minor changes. You can add a heart in your logo design at the time of Valentine and Christmas cap during Christmas festive.

Color Scheme

Every season has its own colors, which immediately inspire the right mood. Christmas is the multi colors festive. If your brand’s theme is simple then add splash of color during Christmas festive.

Create a Fun Video

Create a fun video and share it on YouTube, Daily motion, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Google+ and other social media channels. Video is a package for delivering the right message and getting customer’s attention. Get your team members together with occasionally get ups and create a video about your business and deliver the message.

Greeting Cards

Send Valentine, Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas cards to your customers. It will create a positive and professional image of your business and change the way how your customers perceive you.

Catchy Taglines

Catchy taglines can inspire the feelings of warmth, be cheerful and emotive, but focus to your core message. Greeting message is really important if you’re sending out branded festive cards.

Graphic Design of Marketing Material

Hire a professional graphics design company for festive spin on greeting cards, flyers, posters, brochures and t-shirts. Attractive designs attract customers, so don’t compromise on design work.

Offer Free Home Delivery

During any festive, deliver your customers all products and gifts with a smile and free of delivery charges. Also send them a thank you card for choosing your business.

Participate in Local Events

Organize or participate in local events on different festive. It will make people to remember you. Offer free games and treats for kids. Help give their parents a break, so they can concentrate on browsing your store. Don’t forget to display your most popular on front; it will catch the eye of everyone passing by your store.

Branding is all about describing who you are and what you do, and associating concepts and emotions with your name. Each festive comes once in a year, but the core identity of your business should be recognizable all year round. Being creative to promote your business during these festive has a lot to do with having fun.

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How to Design Effective Display Signs and Billboards

If you are a graphic designer, you should know how to design effective display signs and billboards. There are few differences in designing small banners and display signs. The major difference is scale. The display signs are a lot larger in size than the standard web banners. Other factors to focus on during designing signage are display location, typography; color scheme, contrast and material the sign will be printed on.

lodo creator company

Keeping in mind all these factors will make a better sign design.

1. Consider Size and Scale

A sign is among the largest things a graphic designer ever designs. Think of it like a big thing. A standard business card is 3.5 inches by 2 inches in size; a standard yard sign is 24 inches by 18 inches and a standard bulletin billboard is 14 feet high by 48 feet wide.

Size and scale are interesting challenges for a graphic designer. Signs have to be easily read and understood completely from a distance, often by people who only have a few seconds to look in that direction. So everything should be larger in size and simple for clear visibility.

2. Use Eye-Catching Colors and Graphics

Color is one of the most important factors that need attention when working on a sign project. You should focus on it with following two things in mind:

  • Contrast and visibility
  • Branding and identity

Generally color and graphics should be bright and saturated. Try to avoid light colors. Never use colors that have a lot of contrast, especially between the images and background.

The main purpose of signs is to catch someone’s attention in first look; you need to go big in terms of graphics and images. Also think about the location where the sign will be located. Just suppose if the sign is placed in between green tress and the theme color of your sign is also green, how visible will it really be to people?

You should plan for color scheme, keeping in mind the placement location.

3. Use Effective Contrast

The contrast is also an important part of any graphics design project, you should use such a contrast that gains someone’s attention I a couple of seconds. Every focal point should be clearly distinguishable.

There is no standard set of color combinations for display signs and contrast, given below are a few that are majorly used in signage being easy to read from a distance:

  • Red and white
  • Red and yellow
  • Green and white
  • Blue and white
  • Blue and yellow
  • Black and white
  • Black and yellow

You can create even more contrast in the sign design by adding a boarder in your design. A simple, thick black or white border encasing the sign image can help in making it more prominent from almost any other condition.

4. Consider Location

Think about the placement of the sign before designing. If you do not know the exact physical location of the signage, think about it in terms of primary placement.

You need to focus on following questions before designing:

Will the design be featured in the sky, such as a billboard?

Will the design be featured on the ground, such as a yard sign?

Will the design be featured on a moving vehicle, such as a wrap?

Will it be displayed indoors?

Do the sign have a border?

Then ask from client about the placement location of the sign. It will help you in selecting a color pattern that contrasts with the environment.

5. Use Simple Typography

When it comes to typography, keep it simple and big. Use the standard lettering in terms to 10 to 100. That means 10 inches of letter height for every 100 feet of visibility.

Do consider the total number of words. Use short and simple message. Never use a message containing more than 15 words. The standard formula used is the 3 by 5 rule. It can be defined in following two ways:

  • Five lines of text, up to three words each, or
  • Three lines of text, up to five words each

Consider using bold typography. Bold lettering helps in readability from a distance. Use spaces where required, it will minimize confusion in reading from a distance.

6. Printing Material

Printing material impacts on every decision you make in sign designing. Sign materials are often categorized into two basic categories based on location (indoor vs. outdoor). Most of the sign designs are printed on a vinyl banner, billboard, magnetic and corrugated plastic. Location of sign placement also impacts on printing material.

Ask from client about the printing material in the start of the project; get the specs, and ask about file formats. Getting detailed specs of projects at the start will save a lot of headache in the end.


Consider your sign design project like almost any other project, and if you are working on this kind for the first time, ask plenty of questions from the client before you get started. Sign design is not tricky; it required a high contrast, simple typography and visible to read from long distances.

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What Kind of Web Hosting Will be Perfect for You

If you want to run an online business smoothly and effectively, you need to get reliable hosting for your website. For a successful online business, getting good web hosting service is also important along with having an attractive logo design and web design.

Selecting the best web host requires a lot of research, since there are many options available in the market. Several factors need to be evaluated before making a final decision. It’s important to completely  understand the nature of the website, expected traffic and the available budget.

logo design web-hosting

There are following four types of hosting options available:

  • Free Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

Free Hosting

Different companies offer free hosting plan for the first year, but in the world of free hosting, the connection can be slow, websites remain down most of the times and unwanted advertisements are added to your website. If you want to work professionally then I’ll suggest you to avoid free hosting plans. Free hosting is good only if you want to create a website for fun.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means that the bandwidth will be divided with other users on that server. This involves sharing of all of the software applications and the physical server. In some cases, shared hosting is affordable because the actual cost to operate a hosting server is divided between multiple users. If you want to place huge data on a website and you are expecting high traffic, then shared hosting will be not perfect for you.

Collocated Hosting

Collocated hosting means business owners purchase their own server that is placed within the facilities of the web hosting company. One major benefit of collocated hosting is that business owners are able to install applications and scripts as needed. Business owners are completely responsible for the server.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting means the companies will have the server all to themselves and dedicated for their website. This gives them faster performance because all the resources of the server are dedicated for their website. Dedicated hosting is best for big companies because it is more expensive than all other plans.

What Do You Need to Know?

You must have complete knowledge of requirements before making the final decision for purchasing a web hosting service. Basically, you need to focus on following questions before making any decisions:

What type of website needs to be designed?

Will the website need special software?

Are Windows applications needed?

How much space will be required?

What is the desired amount of traffic?

Furthermore, it’s very important to know the reliability of the web host chosen. A website that remains down will lose a lot of potential customers and  visitors will become frustrated if they constantly find your website in not responding state.

For business owners that are new to the Web World, I’ll suggest them to start with a reputable shared hosting from a reputable company. It will be easy for them to maintain and it’s affordable also. Additionally, upgrading to a VPS or dedicated server is always a possibility is needed.

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Content Writing is Not Rocket Science – 7 Basic Content Writing Tips

Some people think that content writing is very difficult job and we are not eligible for this, but it is not true. Content writing is not a rocket science, but not as easy as some people think. However any person who has good sense of explanation the things can be a good writer. If you are good in talking and expressing different things then you can write well, you just need to start practice for this and that practice is not for month or years, just after few weeks of practice you can start writing in awesome way. Here we want to share some basic tips of content writing for those who want to become writers but they think that it is really difficult and we can’t do it. So start from these points;

1. Write as you are Talking:

Forget about rules of writer and other useless things just feel free to start writing as you feel free before talking. Think for a moment when you talk with your friends or family members you keep in mind any rule of talking except politeness and nice selection of words? Same applies here you don’t need any rule, you just need to start writing with nice selection of words because when you are writing you don’t know who is going to read it, may be young people will read it or some old persons as well. So bring politeness in your words and just keep writing as you keep talking.

2. Put Your Most Important Information First:

You need to set a priority while writing that which point or thing you want to talk in start of your content and which will be at the end. So always start from most important information, news and point because it will engage your readers to keep writing your content, but don’t express everything in first few lines. Save something for end to make your closing interesting.

3. Make it Easy to Understand as you can:

You should keep in mind that you are writing for common readers therefore you need to make your content as easy as you can because you don’t know your readers belongs to which age and industry. So always keep in mind that you are going to write for common readers. Therefore you should make your sentence short and don’t use too much difficult words.

4. Never Use Copied Content:

Using copied content for blog or website is like a suicide when we talk about online business. Therefore every writer should write in his own words for example when different media groups and news channels report same event or news they always use different words to report. So always use different ways of writing and when you write in your own style it will automatically become unique.

5. When You Are in Doubt then make it Simple:

Sometimes writers feel doubt in sentences or way of describing the things so in this case you need to make your doubtful sentence simple because it is better to write simple rather than writing wrong. So when you are in doubt you need to make your content simple.

6. Add Some Points and Headlines:

When we add headlines in any content, article or blog post, it makes our content attractive and readers’ friendly. So always make some important points as headlines. Here I want to share my personal experience of reading that when I read any article first of all I read its headlines and highlighted points. It will help me to understand the main purpose of the article.

7. Don’t Forget About Proof Reading by Someone Else:

We all think that we are perfect in every field of life and we can’t make mistakes but reality is different. When you finish your content you need to read it once again and read as a critic then you will find mistakes from your own content. When you done with it you need to ask someone else for proof reading of your content and that thing will reduce mistake from your content/article.

Hopefully these points will help you to start writing and it is sure that if you will practice these points you will become a good writer and you will enjoy writing. When you get perfection in writing you can choose this field it as a profession.

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Increase Your Reviews and Get Better Position in Local Searches

Every business owner wants his website on top in search engine results and for this purpose he invests lots of money and time on different methods, tricks and ways. Some people hire experts for this purpose and other pay money to some professional companies for this job. We know that there are 106 ranking factors when we talk about websites’ ranking in search engines. In November we discusses about the importance of local searches in online business, in this article we discussed that why we should Focus on Local Market First in Online Business. For now we are going to talk about local searches and out of these 106 factors we are going to discuss about customers’ reviews on different website, especially Google Plus, Yelp, foursquare, OpenTable, Citysearche and many more. When we talk about websites’ ranking in local searches there are lots of factors and from all these factors the most important but most neglected factor is business reviews by customers. Every business owner should give importance to this factor because it is very powerful tool to get more business from local market and smart marketers know that how much effective business reviews are, therefore they give lots of importance to them. Now the question is How to Increase Business Reviews?

Educate Your Customers About It:

First of all you need to educate your customers about reviews that what it is? Yes you can educate your customer by informative ads, good content on your website and by designing banner and brochures ads.  How it works? And how important it is for your business? Before educate your customers you need to know about reviews’ importance and functionalities. There are lots of businessmen who don’t have even basic idea about reviews and their effectiveness.

Continue reading

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Special Occasions Bring Special Business Opportunities

We love special occasions because we want to celebrate these occasions with our family, friends and colleagues, that celebration brings fun and happiness. Usually schools’ and collages’ students think about holidays on these special occasions like Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day Black Friday and Christmas but business man and smart marketers always think different. Marketers know that these days bring new opportunities of business growth therefore they always offer discount deals, special offers, 15% off, 30% off on different products. All these ways of marketing are just to increase their sale and spread awareness about their brands’ names. Every business man can’t get benefits from these days because it is an art to grab customers’ attention. Here we are going to share some important and effective tips which are very helpful in marketing on special occasions.

Perfect Timing:

Time is money therefore perfect timing is very important, if you want to offer discount deals on Christmas then its right time to start campaign about it because Christmas is the big occasion and you need to work on it 15/20 days before then you can go viral and you will get good response. If you start marketing about it just 2 days before you will be loser so before Christmas you need to tell people about your discount offers. If you want to offer special deals on other small occasions like thanksgiving or Black Friday you can start it before 3/7 days. So never forget about right time to start, it is the key of success.

Select Your Best Products to Offer:

When you are going to offer a discount deal or special package to your customers, you need to select those products which are best and you can supply them easily. What if you are going to offer a particular product which has some flaws and you have short supply? Definitely that offer will ruin your whole business because you are just wasting your time and you are trying to sale crap. So always keep in mind while starting a marketing campaign on special occasions that you should offer best in low rates with unlimited supply.

Make Your Discount Deal Attractive:

Making discount deal is not as easy as people think, it is an art and if you have strong grip on that art you can boost your business easily. When you are going to make a discount deal or offer you should add multiple products in it and make a package of products with different stuff but remember one thing that add those products in your offer which have good demands. That thing can attract viewers and they will love to buy. One thing more is important while making special offers that your offer should make sense I mean if a product’s price is $100 and you are offering it on $10, it doesn’t make any sense and viewers will think you are just trying to get their “cheap” attention. So make it attractive but with realistic approach.

Show Sample Work/Products:

When you are offering a package about different products you should show these products in your ads, brochure, poster or any other way you are using for marketing and advertising. If your business is related to smart phones you should show its image in your ads with different angles and if your business is related to graphics like Kool Design Maker then you need to show your best work in your discount deals. In this way you can attract viewers and tell them about your perfection of work and quality of your products.

Christmas is coming and every marketer and business owner is thinking about special offers to increase his sale. Hopefully these points and tips will help you to boost your sale on that special occasion. At we are going to offer 15% off on our all products, so get your discount offer now with perfection and quality of work.


Want to Increase Your Twitter Followers? – Here is the Solution

We all know that twitter is the most important, fast and famous social media site. Billions of people are using twitter for personal usage as well as for business development and online marketing purpose. According to twitter’s own official statement there are “271 million monthly active users” on twitter that figure always attracts online marketers who are exploring new opportunities of business growth and marketing. On twitter it is all about the figure of followers who are following you, more followers mean more opportunities of business. If you get good figure of followers you can reach to those people who can increase your website traffic and sale. Everyone on twitter is crazy to get more followers. Now the question is that “How to increase twitter followers?” it is common question from twitter users. Different social media experts wrote about it in different ways. Here we are going to share some most easy, important and effective tips which can boost your twitter account.

Make Sure Your Profile is Looking Perfect:

First of all you need to make it sure that your profile is 100% completed because if it is not complete people will treat your account as a fake account and that thing will ruin your purpose of marketing on twitter. You need to put these feeds while profile making. Continue reading


10 Important Tips To Make Your Customers Happy

Majority of business owners and sale executives are trying to find out new customers and for this purpose they are using free and paid methods of marketing and advertising. Question is that “If your existing customers are not satisfied than why you are looking for new customers?” therefore it is more important to make your existing customers happy and satisfied because customers’ satisfaction will convert your customers into retaining customers. Here we are going to share 10 important points which can help you to make your customers happy.

How Can I Help You?

First of all you need to listen about the requirements and needs of customers and for this purpose you need to ask your customers “how can I help you?” when you will ask in that way definitely your customer will tell you in details what he/she is looking for. You should leave an impression of “Trust” on your customers’ minds that you are helping not selling. You should try to get all the details what exactly a customer is looking for.

We Don’t Know but, We Can Find Out:

Be realistic, you should not show hesitations to say that “we don’t know but we can find out” especially when you don’t know about technical aspect of a project. That thing will help you to leave a positive impression on customers’ mind that you are not liar and you people are dealing in right way. Usually sale executives don’t like to say that their team doesn’t know about a particular thing because they think that in this way they can lose a customer. Every sale executive should keep in mind that only catch those projects which your people can do.

Respect Your Customers:

In any business customers is everything therefore customers’ respect has great importance. If you will not treat and deal them with honor and respect definitely they are not going to start a business relation with your company. When you give them lots of respect they will always keep you in mind whenever they need anything related to your business and that thing will increase your sale and make your customers happy.

Keep Your Customers Update:

When you sign a project with a customer it is not ending, it is beginning of a business relation and you should be conscious about their feelings and needs and keep your customers update what you are doing on their projects. Let suppose if you are working on daily basis but you are not updating your customers about the progress, what they feel? Definitely they feel that you are not working. Therefore it is necessary to tell them about the progress on their projects.

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