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Market your Brand with Stationery Printing

In my previous articles, I have written about logo designs, flyers design and benefits of business cards printing. All these materials help you in the marketing of your brand. In fact, I believe very strongly that every business related printed item helps you in marketing your brand or services.

Printed stationery items are a big source for brand marketing. Good quality business cards, envelopes, letterheads and brochures show your professionalism and create an impressive image.

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Design Business Cards, Envelopes and Letterhead with Same Look and Feel

Your all stationery items should be of the same design, color scheme, typography, alignment, point sizes and spacing. The stationery package is very crucial to the image of your brand. Hire any professional graphics designing company for designing all stationery items together.

If you know about graphics designing, you can do it by yourself. All you need to do is find some design ideas over the internet, select some appealing designs and create your own. Try different styles. Check the overall image of all items by changing the color scheme, style, alignments and typography.

Put each design set of business card, letterhead and envelopes in front of you, make sure they give a professional and unified look. Show your designs to colleagues to get their feedback. Business stationery items should reflect the nature of your business. Use a tagline about your business that gives the main idea and goal of the business.

When you have finalized a design, ask yourself what you would think if you receive a business card or letterhead design from any other business. Would this design inspire you?

Use Good Quality Paper for Printing

After the design process, it comes to printing step. Your design work will look better only on good quality paper. Don’t forget good quality paper is very important.

At kooldesignmaker.com, we suggest our clients regarding paper qualities. We use 24# or 28# paper for the envelope printing, 60# or 70# paper for the letterhead design and printing, 80# for cover printing, and 110# or 130# for business cards printing.

When selecting the paper for printing, you need to consider the surface and the color of the paper. Surface wise paper is available in different patterns like “laid” and “linen”. Check the paper sample in sunlight, incandescent and fluorescent light.

In the end, I’ll say it again that the printed stationery items play a very crucial role in business marketing. The first impression is the last impression. If all the marketing material is well-crafted, it will help you in creating impressive image of your brand.

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Presentation Folder is the Professional Way to Promote Your Business

Presentation folders are used to hold papers which are off course important but not bind in a proper way. Due to this reason presentation folders are considered as a very important stationery item in office because in an office there are many documents which considered important but not bind properly. It is not necessary that folders are used only for formal presentation in seminars and other official places these are useful for individuals, in hospitals for doctor’s prescription, in school, colleges, universities and many more. As folder has different usage, it designs are also varied according to its use like if folders are made for doctors it contains simplicity, doctor’s complete professional intro, contacts detail and information about hospital or doctor’s clinic.

We all know about the usage of presentation folders but only few know about its importance in professional world. It’s far more useful than just holding papers and documents. Here we are going to discuss about folders’ benefits which are not commonly known by many people.

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Marketing & Promotion:

It is a really efficient and effective tool for marketing and advertising about your business and profession. Smart marketers always strive to find new and innovative ways to promote their goods and services in this scenario making presentation folders designing is a really smart way.

Increase Customer Retention:

If you’re old customers who are no longer your regular buyer, presentation folders can make him to buy your services and products again. Like most of the time we said that a particular item we use has the best results and we referring it to someone but couldn’t remember its name then your official presentation folder can help you to recall it.

Professional Impact:

Presentation folders have a strong psychological impact on your customer’s mind about your professionalism and attitude towards your work. It presents your seriousness toward your business and your business dealing.

So be very careful while designing presentation folder and always go for professional designing company. Only professional designing companies know how to design your business folder in a most professional and innovative way that can be retained be everyone. At www.kooldesignmaker.com we have lots of experience in designing business stationery like envelopes, Letterhead Design, business cards, presentation folders etc. So if you want to get customized presentation folders for your business in affordable rates just contact us and get amazing designs.

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Your Company Logo Can Give Professional Look to Your Business Stationery

In today’s fast moving world logos are becoming the heart of your business, just like human body if heart does not work the person is dead same is the case with business. If a business have a very good website having all good elements but does not have an eye catching and personalized logo that means the company is not going to generate more traffic.  Logos are the marketing tool of any business, a good looking and a personalized logo can help to increase sales and create good reputation in the business world.

A unique and eye catching logo can give a professional look to your business stationary. Once you are done with your logo you can spread it to your contacts and to the world through your visiting cards, letterhead design and envelopes as well. Your impressive company logo can do much for you which you can’t even imagine, as it leaves a great mark in the minds of customers which in the result lead to the greater traffic to your website.

Business stationary is very important and visible aspect of any business, so it should be handled carefully. It includes almost everything like visiting cards flyers, letterhead design, post cards and pamphlets etc. So having a good and professional stationary design with a great looking logo embarked on it can help you to target the audience. That’s why it’s very important to pay attention on the stationary design as well as on logo because it can help to improve the website traffic. Some people especially small companies do this mistake of not spending money on stationary but a good stationary design can be the key to success of your business that’s why a good company should be hired to design the logo and stationary, because professionals know the marketing trends better than any other ordinary person and they know how to mold things in the favor of your business.

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