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8 Tips to Make Your Website Design Attractive

In today’s world, online presence of businesses has become very important for the success. The website is the very basic tool for making online presence. Many business owners do not pay attention to the way their Static website designs – and this badly affects their progress.

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Let’s have a look at 8 tips to make your website look attractive.

1. Use Eye-Catching Logo Design

A logo is the identity of your business. An attractive logo design plays a good role in the overall look and feel of the website. If you are using a dull logo design, consult any professional logo creator company to get a fresh looking and business relevant logo.

2. Compatibility

Theme of your website should be related to the products or services you are selling. For instance, if you’re a company that offers landscaping services, it would be a good idea to use some nature related background and banner images. It wouldn’t make sense to use a formal website design since it doesn’t really match the theme of what you’re offering.

3. Use Attractive Color Schemes

Always use attractive and suitable background colors to make your content easily readable. The very common practice in website design world is to use black text on a white background. Light background with dark color text will help the visitor to check complete items on the page.

4. Brand Yourself

Are you using a business logo for your website? If not, you should get a logo that represents the nature of your business. These days, it’s quite easy to get a decent looking custom logo design in very low price. A logo is the identity of your business; it will make your visitors to remember you.

5. Make the Content Reader-Friendly

Visitors often don’t spend time in reading the complete content of your website. Most of the visitors just scan for the keywords that are relevant to what they’re looking for. So it’s very important to use italicized, bolded, and underlined font for main keywords. Moreover, when writing about the packages and the benefits of your company, use bullet points to look cleaner and nicer.

6. Make Sure that it Loads Fast

One of the biggest problems with websites is their long load time. Most of the websites often take more than 20 seconds to load. By that time, the visitor closes the tab and leaves your website without viewing. Make sure that your website loads within 10 seconds. Get the help of any professional Static website designs company for removing bulky graphics and other HTML improvements.

7. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

One thing that annoys visitor is not being able to easily navigate your website. If they can’t find their desired page, then you will never get useful results from your web. Make sure that you provide direct links of your service pages on the home page. Statistics show that 50% of visitors leave a website after their 1st click. It happens when their desired page is placed 5 pages away from the home page.

8. Avoid Unnecessary Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are a great way to show some special deal or text to a visitor that they otherwise would have missed. But the excessive and unnecessary use of pop-ups can actually be quite annoying. If you want to use pop-ups, you need to consider following points:

  • Make sure to display a prominent “close” button for visitors to leave the pop-up.
  • Make sure that your pop-up content is relevant to your website.

If you don’t provide a “close” button on the pop-up or the content of pop-up is not relevant to a website, the visitors may get frustrated that they never come back!

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Essentials of a Perfect Website

We all know for online presence website is necessary & nowadays everyone wants to have a perfect website. Let’s discuss few important components of a prefect website.

Domain Name:

First of all we need a perfect domain name; it’s the first step to start an online business. How we can select the best name for our website? May be you’ve read lots of articles and tips available on the web those can help us to choose a perfect domain name; however keep in mind the following tips while choosing a domain name;

  • Make it easy to type
  • Keep the domain name as short as possible
  • Make it easy to remember
  • Don’t use hyphens or numbers

Please Read more about domain name selection here “9 Hot Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name For Your Site

Hosting Service:

When you done with your domain name then the next thing you need to choose is a perfect and reliable hosting service and space you need for your website. If your website is static and contain few pages you don’t need to purchase too much space but if you have huge business and thousands of products then you need good space.

Right CMS Selection:

If you have small business website then you need simple HTML or WordPress and if you are going to start an eCommerce website and you have a huge online business shop then you need PHP, .net or other complicated and reliable sources of CMS (content management system). Here you can read more about the selection of a perfect CMS “how to select the right CMS

Website Template:

Most important thing in a website is the layout or web template; usually people use copied templates or Static website designs which can hurt their business badly. A business owner should be very conscious about website template design because creative web templates will encourage your viewers and visitors to visit your website again and again. Therefore you should hire a professional web design company for a professional website template.

Put Your Logo on Your Website:

Importance of your business logo is very high, think for a moment that you have a website without a logo, how much creepy it will look? The size of your business logo also matters. It will make your website template attractive and make it perfect. So don’t forget about your company logo design.

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