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Types of Web Banner Ads Design

Web banners are normally used for advertisement and they are also a source of generating traffic on your web page. They also use to separates one page from another. Flash, static and animated GIF banner ads are the three types of website banner designs. There is lot of difference between these types which is given below.

Static Banner Ads:

Static banner ads are stationary in nature and no moving object is used in it they are simple, straight and less flashy. Static banner ads are ideal for small business enterprises when they need to create powerful impact by not using moving objects and extra animations. They are quite simple and cost effective in terms of online advertisements. By using catchy, bright and brilliant colors, static banner ads can cause the same impact as flash banner ads do in generating traffic on your website.


Animated GIF Ads:

Animated GIF ads are consisting upon graphical an image that moves for example moving icons, images, text, numbers etc. They made up in GIF format and work in a specified sequence. They are rapidly use in online advertisement. Animated GIF ads are really catchy, flashy and due to its ability of attracting more and more viewers on your website they are widely used by marketers.


Flash Banner Ads:

First flash ad in the history of banners ads are created by the Macromedia. Flash banner ads are the one step ahead of animated banners. It is in a multimedia file format. Flash banners ads are more attractive then static banner ads they are quite flashy and more eye catchy. They are more complex in technology to incorporate smooth sound, animation and interactive toll to generate more traffic on your web page and have more potential to grab viewer attention.. This is the basic difference between static, GIF and flash banner ads which we mentioned above.



At Kool Design Maker you find cost effective and compatible banner designing services at zenith of quality standard. These are the qualities which make Go designing preferred choice of both small and large enterprises. These are some key features of our services.

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These are some key feature which separates us from other designing companies in the market.

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