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Printing Paper Size Guide

The best resolution for printing high quality documents is 300 dots per inch. Given below table shows the size of printing paper.

Paper Guide



A Size

Size in mm
(withoud bleed)

Size in pixels 300dpi
(without bleed)

Size in mm
(with bleed)

Size in pixels 300dpi
(with bleed)

Business Card

85 x 55

1004 x 650

91 x 61 mm

1075 x 720

Comp Slip

99 x 210

1169 x 2480

105 x 216

1240 x 2551


148 x 105

1748 x 1240

154 x 111

1819 x 1311


210 x 148

2480 x 1748

216 x 154

2551 x 1819


297 x 210

3508 x 2480

303 x 216

3579 x 2551


420 x 297

4961 x 3605

426 x 303

5031 x 3579


594 x 420

7016 x 4961

600 x 426

7087 x 5031


841 x 594

9933 x 7016

847 x 600

10004 x 7087


1189 x 841

14043 x 9933

1195 x 847

14114 x 10004



Top 5 Web Hosting Companies

If you want to run your online business, it is crucial to find a good host who can put your data on the internet. A web hosting company gives you the bandwidth, storage and tools you need, and support you when you need help. There are many great hosting companies looking for your business. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss five of the best web hosting companies based on their services.

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies

InMotion Hosting

InMotion provides very fast, high performance web hosting services suitable for sites of all sizes. I highly recommend InMotion Hosting for web developers, SMBs, eCommerce sites and for WordPress. InMotion Hosting is highly popular among web developers due to their great support and for customizable unmanaged plans. InMotion Hosting is very costly – you pay a low price in exchange for unmatchable performance.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a trusted web host that offers high performance web hosting for thousands of professional businesses worldwide. A2 Hosting has the highest level of customer satisfaction between web hosting review websites & webmasters. Being more expensive than others, A2 Hosting provides more reliable web hosting and higher performance than its leading competitors. A2 Hosting is recommended for those who manage a business website and need a host that will work properly under heavy loads of traffic.


Hostgator leads in delivering unmatchable services to its new customers with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, an uptime guarantee, and tons of easy to install site templates, all starting at $3.96/mo for their most economical plans. Even their low-end plans feature 1-click installs, unlimited email, and a $100 Google Adwords credit for all of your online marketing needs. Hostgator is recommended for all types of sites.


Bluehost starts its hosting plans for new customers at $4.95/month, and offers you unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, unlimited file transfer, a free domain registration, and more. They also offer unlimited hosted domains, e-commerce features, domain parking, one-click WordPress installs, databases, and many more.


Dreamhost is one of the most popular hosts, offering shared plans starting as low as $8.95/month and dedicated server plans for customers with larger bandwidth needs. The company has a good reputation for added features for its customers, including gallery software and one-click installs for blogging that make getting your own site up and running fast and easy. Dreamhost offers you valuable feature including unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, support for Google apps, and more. Customer support is available 24/7, and the company has a great money-back uptime guarantee.

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Flyers Have The Power To Take Off Your Business

Printed flyers are one of the most effective and affordable type of marketing materials. Flexible and versatile, a well-planned flyer marketing campaign can really boost your business, increase brand awareness and generate more sales. Flyers marketing campaign can be used along with your online marketing as flyers achieve great results. At KoolDesignMaker, we design and print flyers for our customers who want to promote their product and for increasing traffic to their websites. But before launching flyer marketing campaign, we must understand how to use flyers effectively.

flyers printing

Use Of Flyers

Printed flyers help to promote your business, services and products. Your printed flyers can be:

  • Delivered door-to-door
  • Distributed in store
  • Displayed in retail outlets
  • Displayed at events and conferences
  • Included as inserts in newspapers and other publications
  • Displayed and distributed in bars and clubs

Flyers Are Cost Effective

Whether printed single sided or dual sided, cost of flyers is low, making them cheapest marketing plan for businesses of any size. But that doesn’t mean that every type of flyer printing is cheap. Flyers with vibrant colors and high quality paper are costly. But there is no limit for printing, you can online order any quantity. That’s great for you economically.

Sizes Of Flyers

There are different sizes of flyers starting from 3.5″ x 8.5″ to 11″ x 25.5″. KoolDesignMaker designs and prints flyers and leaflets in nine different sizes, so visit our website to find which size suits you best.

Easy To Produce

Flyers are easy to produce with less planning and set up than multi-page booklets and brochures. And if you’re new to preparing design work for print, we make it even easier for you, with our online portfolio that guides and helps you to get your design work just right.

As well as selecting the size and style of your printed flyers, you can pick from a huge range of paper weights and finishes. We offer flyer printing print on gloss, silk and premium uncoated papers. Depending on your paper selected by you, we’ll print on weights from 115gsm to 350gsm and there are options for gloss and matt lamination.

Whatever your business you want to promote, and however small or large your business, flyers are a great way to promote your products, brand, and services. For more information or quotes, visit or contact our team of experts today at 1-888-786-7861.

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Realize The Power Of Poster Advertisement

Posters provide a cost-effective and logical way of delivering messages to a particular target market. When placed at the correct location, attractive and informative posters can deliver your message to a targeted audience and alert them of an upcoming product or service. Posters advertisement is cheaper than common forms of advertising such as radio and television.

When we need to run an effective print advertising campaign, we find that no other advertisement method can beat poster power!

poster design

For making posters marketing campaign more effective, you need to follow given below tips:

Identify Your Targeted Audience

First of all you need to decide your targeted audience? You should identify who is likely to buy your services or products. Your message, poster design, style and language of your poster should be focused to those you want to see it.


Whether you want to advertise outdoor, indoor or both, you need to think carefully about the location of the poster to display. If you’ve identified your target audience, now it’s time to identify where do they go? Like any other advertising, a poster advertising campaign will generate more leads when seen by the right people, so make sure to display your posters where your targeted customers are likely to be.

Make It Simple

You may have a lot to say about your product, but never add long message on one poster else you will dilute your main message. People don’t bother to stop and read a long paragraph of text. For poster advertisement, inside or outside, you should add a catchy message that grabs attention of the audience in a second.

Better by Design

The poster design must look professional, no matter whatever your product, event or service is. At, we’ll make your poster design look good and professional, but if the design doesn’t attract you, you may call for revision. If you are planning for a poster design, you may check our portfolio to get some ideas.

At, we offer 10 sizes of indoor and outdoor posters, from smallest 6 sheet adshels to our biggest 48 and 96 sheet billboard posters. For indoor use we have 10 more sizes from A4 and to 530mm x 1524mm. For more info, advice or quote and order your poster design and printing, contact our expert team at 1-888-786-7861 or visit today!

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Great Content Gives You Great Backlinks

Content is very crucial element for getting your website in top ranks of search engine results. Quality content also makes your website user friendly for visitors. Most of the website owners or marketers write content without understanding its true potential.

Properly keywords optimized content (written, video, photo) helps search engines to understand your business enables to ‘categorize’ your website, services and products. Content helps in brand marketing, creates a sense of business, and plays a major role in consumer engagement.  But the most important benefit of quality content is backlink generation. No doubt, Great Content Gives You Great Backlinks.

Great Content Gives You Great Backlinks

Quality content that helps people is more likely to be shared by readers via a link from their blog or social account.

People love to link to an excellent article, image, webinar, video, or infographic because it helps create a reputation of quality.

Given below are some useful tips for generating great content:

  • Set a niche for writing and stick with it! Develop a strategy for content marketing that should include an array of topics, a publishing schedule and all forms of content you’d like to generate.
  • Promote your content on social bookmarking websites and social media platforms. Share your each piece of content on famous social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ Twitter and all other social media platforms.
  • Keep creating amazing videos, infographics, podcasts, images, forum participation, webinars, and blog posts. People love to respond to these forms of content.
  • Use your expertise to make your content interesting, smart, funny, honest, and forward-thinking.

Why should you care about creating backlinks from content?

  • Google has announced that paid backlinks will no more be rewarded. Only good linking strategies will be rewarded and bad linking practices will be punished.
  • Quality content and backlinks drive traffic and recognition that help in business growth.
  • No matter for which industry you are working, consider content to be one of your core tools. In simple words, the more you write and post, the more you will succeed and continue to build relationships.

Content is the King, so you should never underestimate the power of content, especially when you need to generate backlinks. Excellent quality content will set your business as an authority and generate more high quality links than any link-farm ever could.


How To Boost Search Engine Ranking Of A New Website

Everyone wants to see his website in top search results but it is not one day job to rank your website in search engines. Google is a search expert that answers all your questions in a single click. Using different algorithms Google decides which web pages should appear on the first page of web results.

Ranking a new website is a tough job, but by following Google’s instructions a new website can improve its traffic and ranking.

How To Boost Search Engine Ranking Of A New Website

You need to follow 7 effective tips given below:

Website Loads Fast

Slow loading websites draw negative effects. According to a survey report, 47% of visitors expect a web page to load in less than 3 seconds. So, make sure that your website loads fast.

You can find built-in themes for website design, these themes load super-fast as the developers have used smart coding. Another way is to hire a professional web design company for improving load speed of your website.

Blog Content

One of the best SEO approach is to provide regularly updated relevant content for a website. Having a blog with unique content can definitely be helpful in achieving high ranking in Google’s search results.

Google recommends fresh and unique content that people find informative. So, updating your website blog on regular basis with the relevant content can ensure a higher ranking.

Mobile Responsive

In this world, most of the users prefer to surf internet using smartphones or tablets. So, it is necessary to develop a mobile responsive website so that the visitors can access information on the go.

Google launched the mobile search algorithm on April 21, 2015. According to this algorithm, the mobile responsive website is more likely to reach a better rank in Google. You can use a very helpful tool called Mobile-Friendly Test tool by Google, to check if a website is mobile friendly or not.

Keywords Selection

Keyword selection is the basic most important factor for any SEO project. It is very difficult to rank a high competitive keyword, so the best way is to work on less competitive keywords. Selecting the right keyword helps to achieve high traffic and helps in bringing better rankings for website.

Google Keywords Planner is the best tool that helps in selection of targeted keywords.

Keyword Optimization

Meta Tags

The organic search results and browser tabs show the title of your web page. Always add your targeted keywords in the Meta Title, Description and keywords. Try to write unique and descriptive title for each page of your website.

Optimizing URL

Having targeted keywords in the URL’s is the best approach. For blogs, you can customize the URL of each and every post you publish. Optimize your URL in a way that you do not get penalized by the search engines and never use your keyword twice in a URL.


HTML header tags help in improving the search engine ranking for your website. The most important HTML tag is H1 tag that should be used only once for a webpage and specify the content of your page. H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 are sub heading tags and less important than H1.

Search engines emphasizes upon H1 tags over other headings and if used correctly along with other SEO techniques can yield the best results and improve your Search engine ranking.

Image alt tags:

The image file names and alternative tags should contain keywords, so that search engines can identify your content. Providing alternative text tags to images not only informs the search engine about your page but also makes it accessible to the user.

Build Quality Backlinks

The most important factor for higher ranking is gaining quality backlinks to your website. Backlinks helps to determine the popularity of your website. Google, gives more considerations to websites with decent number of quality backlinks.

Social Media Presence

A high amount of traffic can be drawn from social media platforms. It is very necessary to create social friendly and informative blog posts with attractive images to draw user’s attention towards your website. Having active Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest profiles will have a positive impact on drawing huge traffic to you.


Using above mentioned SEO methods you can rank a new website. If you are unable to rank your website, Contact us at 1-888-786-7861 or visit for our services.


Learn From Your Competitors About Website Design

Your competitors can teach you a few things about online marketing and web design. Your competitor’s online marketing strategies and website design will make you understand what standards and expectations you are working with.


Take a closer look at following 8 tips when looking for insight from a website of a competitor.

  1. First Impression Of The Website

First impression of the website plays the main role in online selling. The design and functionality of a website are crucial in making a memorable first impression. What does the visitor see first when land on your website? Is the website customer engaging? Is the call to action used properly? What types of offers and packages are highlighted on their front-page? Get the ideas from their websites and then decide on the elements that are working fine and the ones that need improvements on your website.

  1. Mobile Responsive Website

If your competitor has a mobile responsive website, it is a sign that your competitor is up to date with latest trends. Mobile responsive websites have become a need for generating more sales from online visitors. Statistics show that customers are now surfing the internet on mobile devices and tablets. Take a deep analysis of your competitors’ websites and see how they are working with the latest trends. If they are not up-to-date, think of it as a competitive advantage.

  1. Easy To Navigate Website

Deeply examine competitor’s website and see if their navigation method is simple or complex. How many clicks are required by a visitor to acquire desired information? If visitors can easily find out what they are looking for, they are more likely to stay on the website for longer periods. The less number of clicks, the better it is.

  1. Blog

Blog is an easy way to deliver information to the visitors without interrupting them. Visitors are interested in reading the articles which are solutions of technical issues. Choose the customers engaging topics and think of writing a few posts on the same topic.

  1. Targeted Keywords

Check the organic search results against your targeted keywords into a search engine. If your competitor’s website is at top search results, they will have the understanding into which keywords have the highest searches and lowest competition. Examine the URLs structure, headings, content, image tags, and descriptions. Select the keywords that are relevant to your audience.

  1. Use Of Graphics

The use of the attractive and creative images on your website is very important. Services and products with only text look dull, images help them look attractive. Today, web-page users examine graphics, and they share them.

  1. Social Media Accounts

These days strong social presence helps a lot in online marketing. Website owners use social buttons at the header or footer of website for promotion of social pages. Check if your competitor is working on active social media accounts and try to understand their social media marketing strategy.

  1. Items Missing From Your Website

Check out the services and packages that your competitors offer on their websites. Do they offer free for download guides or any other stuff? Your competitor’s website and social media activities tell you a lot about their strategies. Compare yourself with them and try to include all missing items into your website.

If you are a business owner and want to compete with your rivals, Kool Design Maker is the perfect shop for you. We offer low price static website design and graphics design services. Call us now at 1-888-786-7861 to discuss your online business plans.

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3 Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

The competition among restaurants is high, so it may be the perfect time to dust off your old restaurant marketing strategies and take a closer look at current trends of successful restaurant chains. An OPEN sign with neon red glowing lights in the front window of a restaurant has become an old fashion.

We are here to let you know some effective and proven marketing plans that have worked in past for restaurants. Restaurant marketing isn’t that easy now as it was in the past. It has become critical for restaurants to build a strong online presence.

The use of yellow pages for restaurants marketing is an old technique now. Customers have moved to the search engine and consumer review sites to find the best local restaurants. They want to read consumer reviews and the restaurant menu; restaurants with a strong online presence are preferred.

3 Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

As a restaurant owner or manager, you should adopt both online and offline marketing methods for success in business. In this blog post I’m writing about offline marketing ideas for restaurants, the next article will be on online marketing ideas for restaurants.

Promotion through Flyers

Using flyers is a cost effective restaurant marketing idea. Hire some part time employees for distribution of flyers at different events and in door to door campaign. The flyer must have promos, specials, discounts and offers available at your restaurant. It must be concise and to the point, having a catchy tagline, visible call-to-action and good graphics that speak about the delicious food you offer. Remember, never add text in paragraphs on a flyer, use bullet points for describing the benefits.

Read my previous article on “5 Tips for Designing a Coffee Shop Flyer

Serve Specials On Doorknobs

Use attractive door hangers to catch the eye of the visitors as they walk into your restaurant. The first thing your customers look at and touch is the doorknob, customers will definitely notice specials hanged on them. You can also display door hangers at departmental stores and retail shops (seek permission), this will result in greater exposure for your restaurant.

Use of foodie images put a positive impact on a customer’s mind and do not forget to insert your contact details. This is a cost effective marketing strategy that results in more exposure to your restaurant.

Restaurant Menus

Designing a menu and other print items is a tricky task for any restaurant. So the best way is to hire a professional restaurant menu designer company for all the design works. Always send an extra menu in all “Take Away” and “Home Delivery” orders. This will result in more orders from the same customer in future.

I hope these three offline restaurant promotion ideas help you along the way. If you’d like our assistance with Web Design, Graphic Design, Door hangers Design, Flyers Design, Vinyl Banners Design, SEO or Printing Services, get in touch with us today. Call us now at 1-888-786-7861 or Visit

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5 Tips for Designing a Coffee Shop Flyer

Now a days, print material has become an essential part for marketing of any business. In 2015, printing industry reported a 4.5% rise in the use of printed items for marketing campaigns of coffee shops. The marketing industry is now adopting an effective way of combining online channels and print items to create a successful campaign.

Whether you are using print for in-store promotional materials, using for direct mail or handing out leaflets on the high street, the print items have become the backbone of business advertising. Advertisement using print material is cheaper than online media advertisement.

Many small business owners cannot afford online advertisement for their businesses, for them print items is the best solution for interacting with the audience. Flyers are very useful and have been used by many companies and individuals for product promotion. They are also called leaflets and the information is printed on one side of paper. The basic purpose of flyers is to make aware consumers of new services or deal offered by any business.

Coffee Shop Flyer Design

There are some key principles to focus and finalize before getting started in flyer design. Given below tips will help in designing an effective flyer:

1. Grab the Attention of Consumers

You need an effective headline and eye-catching visuals that will grab the attention of people, if being placed at the front of a store. The use of attractive colors is the main thing, you need to be very selective, stay consistent with the colors used for branding.

Simple and attractive designs grab the attention of the audience. Use the real photos of your coffee shop that will give an idea of the atmosphere and write the text of your promotion in bold.

2. Sell the Benefits

The main purpose of marketing has been based around selling the benefits. For example, tell people what benefits they will get from you rather than describing them what process you use in coffee making.

3. Be Concise

You need to focus on your main point; the average attention span should be under 8 seconds! If the consumer likes the main idea, you can add a call to action for further details.

Use lists, bullet points or boxes to highlight the key benefits rather than including them in a lengthy paragraph.

4. Speak like Marketeer

Always use marketing words for telling the main idea of your product or service. Do not use your natural way of speaking with customers. For marketing you need to be professional, catchy tagline and titles play the main role.

5. Call to Action

Call to Action is an obvious part, but before adding any CTA you must be very clear about what you want your audience to do next. Now at this step, you need to speak naturally, use phrases like ‘Take a free sample today’ or ‘Try our unique blend today will ensure you get a return on investment.

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4 Tips to Reduce Website Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the number of visitors who visit your website and leave from the home page without visiting any inner page – in simple words, one-page visitors. If your website’s bounce rate is high, it shows that the page wasn’t user-friendly or visitors didn’t find what they were looking for.

4 Tips to Reduce Website Bounce Rate

If your website analytics show that you are receiving high bounce rate then you need to adopt following 4 methods for reducing it:

1. Reduce Page Load Time

Slow page loading is a top factor in high bounce rate of website. If a user can’t see web content, it will increase the bounce rate. According to a survey, 47% of web users expect a page to load in less than 3 seconds.

Fast page load is very crucial for mobile responsive websites. According to a survey by Radware, a 500 milliseconds delay in page loading can result in an increase in more than 26% bounce rate.

Slow-loading pages are also a main cause of low conversion rate for e-commerce retailers. This is amazing to know that only 2% of top 100 e-commerce websites have fast mobile responsive websites that load in less than five seconds on mobile phones and tablets.

2. Make Your Content More Accessible

After fixing the mobile load time, the next step is to put useful content is proper formatting on the website. Formatting your web page content makes it easy to read for users and reduces your bounce rate. Visitors don’t read weighty paragraphs that span entire page, try to use bullet points and mention just the key points.

Given below are few points to follow for content formatting:

  • Frequent subheadings
  • Bulleted lists
  • Suitable images

Use of these content formatting ways makes your web content easy to scan for users and allows them to identify relevant points.

3. Use Sidebar Widgets and Promotions Sparingly

Use sidebar space for promoting your main packages smartly. Using excessive ads and banners in the sidebar also increases bounce rate. Try to promote relevant items in the sidebar that provides the reader additional value.

For a blogging website, try to display the relevant articles in the sidebar that will help in making your website sticky. Always provide useful and genuinely valuable content to your visitors. Similarly, if you want to display trust signals and awards in your sidebar, make sure they’re from only the most renowned and reputable sources.

Also, avoid using un-necessary pop-ups, this will frustrate visitor. No-doubt, pop-ups are highly effective, but their excessive use can be terrible, especially if you force a visitor to sign-up or watch the video in pop-up.

4. Include a Clear Call to Action

A call to action is very necessary for successful conversion of leads. You need to think about what specific action you want users to take when they’ve consumed content offered by you. Once you have decided what you want them to do, you can a crystal-clear call to action for converting leads into conversions.

Don’t confuse your visitors with multiple CTAs. Always use a single, clear and relevant call to action that helps visitors to get the job done.

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