The Christmas Of New Generation

The whole year we follow almost the same routine everyday and for a bit change we get public holiday on several different events each and every year. These holidays are either for a joyful event or associated with the national history. There is a time in year when almost every other person feels happy and enjoys the moment. That time comes in the month of December and we call it the Christmas time. Although the Christmas held on 25th of December but its moments begin from the 1st of December. People start preparing Christmas trees, start gathering to have fun time and start planning for the most important thing of Christmas, the gifts.

Christmas is celebrated throughout the world with a belief that it is the day when Jesus Christ was born. Family, friends and relatives all get closer to each other on this happy occasion to share their happiness and to enjoy the fun in the atmosphere. As the world has advanced, people do not wish Merry Christmas through Christmas cards anymore, especially the new generation. They either send SMS saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to everyone in their contact list or they put it as a status on some social networking website.

Young kids still like to give Christmas cards to their friends and everyone else they know, makes them really happy. Now days, these cards are usually used with the gifts, saying the name of the one to whom the gift belongs. Even though the time has modernized, but the charm of Christmas cards can never end as it was the only true way to say ‘Merry Christmas’ just few years back. There used be lots of people at the cards shop, looking for good cards for good friends and best cards for the closest people to them. People used to write funny, serious and stupid things on these cards along with the Christmas wish and then they used to hand over the card to the person for whom they have bought it.

The way of celebrating Christmas has also changed along with time. Many people used to have Christmas prayers, decent lunch and dinner parties at their home, enjoying delicious food and wine and handing cards to each other with small gifts. But all this is too out dated now for the current generation. These days, people like to have night parties, love to get drunk like senseless freaks and have ruined the true meaning of celebrating Christmas.

Christmas is a holy event and people should start understanding its worth. It is not about having parties, it is about Jesus so it will be much better if people start respecting this great occasion and start understanding the true charm linked with this day. People should enjoy this event to its greatest but not the way they want it, they should enjoy it the way Jesus Christ wanted it to be. It is about love, care and birth of a great man so people should give it a thought before exploiting the event.

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