How To Boost Search Engine Ranking Of A New Website

Everyone wants to see his website in top search results but it is not one day job to rank your website in search engines. Google is a search expert that answers all your questions in a single click. Using different algorithms Google decides which web pages should appear on the first page of web results.

Ranking a new website is a tough job, but by following Google’s instructions a new website can improve its traffic and ranking.

How To Boost Search Engine Ranking Of A New Website

You need to follow 7 effective tips given below:

Website Loads Fast

Slow loading websites draw negative effects. According to a survey report, 47% of visitors expect a web page to load in less than 3 seconds. So, make sure that your website loads fast.

You can find built-in themes for website design, these themes load super-fast as the developers have used smart coding. Another way is to hire a professional web design company for improving load speed of your website.

Blog Content

One of the best SEO approach is to provide regularly updated relevant content for a website. Having a blog with unique content can definitely be helpful in achieving high ranking in Google’s search results.

Google recommends fresh and unique content that people find informative. So, updating your website blog on regular basis with the relevant content can ensure a higher ranking.

Mobile Responsive

In this world, most of the users prefer to surf internet using smartphones or tablets. So, it is necessary to develop a mobile responsive website so that the visitors can access information on the go.

Google launched the mobile search algorithm on April 21, 2015. According to this algorithm, the mobile responsive website is more likely to reach a better rank in Google. You can use a very helpful tool called Mobile-Friendly Test tool by Google, to check if a website is mobile friendly or not.

Keywords Selection

Keyword selection is the basic most important factor for any SEO project. It is very difficult to rank a high competitive keyword, so the best way is to work on less competitive keywords. Selecting the right keyword helps to achieve high traffic and helps in bringing better rankings for website.

Google Keywords Planner is the best tool that helps in selection of targeted keywords.

Keyword Optimization

Meta Tags

The organic search results and browser tabs show the title of your web page. Always add your targeted keywords in the Meta Title, Description and keywords. Try to write unique and descriptive title for each page of your website.

Optimizing URL

Having targeted keywords in the URL’s is the best approach. For blogs, you can customize the URL of each and every post you publish. Optimize your URL in a way that you do not get penalized by the search engines and never use your keyword twice in a URL.


HTML header tags help in improving the search engine ranking for your website. The most important HTML tag is H1 tag that should be used only once for a webpage and specify the content of your page. H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 are sub heading tags and less important than H1.

Search engines emphasizes upon H1 tags over other headings and if used correctly along with other SEO techniques can yield the best results and improve your Search engine ranking.

Image alt tags:

The image file names and alternative tags should contain keywords, so that search engines can identify your content. Providing alternative text tags to images not only informs the search engine about your page but also makes it accessible to the user.

Build Quality Backlinks

The most important factor for higher ranking is gaining quality backlinks to your website. Backlinks helps to determine the popularity of your website. Google, gives more considerations to websites with decent number of quality backlinks.

Social Media Presence

A high amount of traffic can be drawn from social media platforms. It is very necessary to create social friendly and informative blog posts with attractive images to draw user’s attention towards your website. Having active Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest profiles will have a positive impact on drawing huge traffic to you.


Using above mentioned SEO methods you can rank a new website. If you are unable to rank your website, Contact us at 1-888-786-7861 or visit for our services.

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