Importance of Banner Advertisement in Online Business

When we talk about online advertising and marketing banner is always the preferred way due to its effectiveness. Recent research shows that consumers’ engagements in banner ads are higher than TV ads and the reason behind it that internet users are more than TV viewers. In 2014 worldwide internet users’ figure is 2,923 million which is increasing rapidly. That great figure motivates online marketers to invest in banner advertisement because there are lots of opportunities to reach these internet users.

Purpose of Banner Advertisement:

Every businessman wants to grow in market and for this purpose different people use different methods of advertising and marketing. On daily basis we see different ads and banners on different locations such as TV ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, posters, billboards, vinyl banners and many more. The ultimate purpose of banner advertisement is to tell audience about your brand, products and services. Banner ads are affordable than any other medium of advertising like if you want to advertise on TV you have to pay lot of money for a few seconds ad but when we talk about web banner ads it is affordable and bring huge output. So if you want to boost your online business you have to go with banner advertisement.

Where You Should Place Your Banner?

It is very important question which get attention of all marketers. It depends on your nature of business and your target audience what in which area or in which country you want to target the audience. If you are running a restaurant and you are thinking about banner advertisement you need to search most visiting and famous blogs or website in that particular area. For example that restaurant is located in Brightwaters, NY definitely you are not going to advertise your business in London. You will search those blogs, website or pages which are getting mostly traffic from Brightwaters or from New York City. So if you want to get fast and better response from banner ads you need to be conscious about the selection of space where you are going to put your ads.

What is Perfect Size?

Marketers feel confusion about the banner size selection that which is the perfect size? And in which size we should advertise and in which size we will get better response and CTR? Actually it depends on the space you are getting, there is not a fix size but yes we have some standard sizes like 250 x 250px, 300 x 250px, 180 x 150px, 728 x 90px, 234px x 60px, 160px x 600px but we can make banners in any size, it depends on space we have. Every designer should keep one thing in mind that a standard and exact size brings perfection and attraction in banner.

Who Can Create a Perfect Banner?

Banner advertisement is not easy as we think, especially when we talk about its design. Usually everyone who knows a bit about Photoshop or other designing software and tools think that “I can create a banner” yes it is true that he/she can create a banner but the question is that which kind of banner? Creepy one? Dull one? But here in professional usage we need a perfectly designed creative banner which should has ability to attract viewers’ attention because ultimately purpose of banner ad is to get click on it which will drive visitors to on a particular website or blog. Therefore it is necessary to hire professional banners designing company because only experts know that how to create a creative and professional banner.

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