SEO Benefits By WordPress

We all know the importance of SEO for a website as it helps in driving quality traffic to our websites. WordPress CMS is mostly used for corporate websites ad blogs. Many of us do not know that how to use the right plug-in for improving SEO and getting good search engine positions. Very few of us hardly know in detail about the SEO benefits which WordPress offers.

SEO Benefits By WordPress

Given below are few advantages of using WordPress for improving SEO of your website:

WordPress Theme

We get a default WordPress theme on installing WordPress. You will love the default theme offered by WordPress and it loads super fast. Moreover, it is flexible and codes are clean and search engine friendly. All SEO professionals know that Google gives a lot of importance to fast loading sites- hence; it will play an important role in improving search ranking of your site.

Make Pages For All Targeted Keywords

Targeted keywords are necessary for SEO – WordPress allows you to create separate pages for all your targeted keywords. Search engine bots will be able to quickly locate your website and then rank it.

Add Page Content

Adding content to any WordPress site is very easy, you just need to login, open the page editor, add a keyword rich title, add page body content and then simply publish it. WordPress editor helps in optimizing content with SEO factors in mind – such as HTML heading tags, inserting links, bolding keywords and starting the title with keyword. WordPress makes your on-page SEO optimization very easy.


Keyword optimized URL structure is a key factor in improving SEO of a website. WordPress offers great flexibility in URL structure. You can easily change the structure of permalinks and keep adding your targeted keywords, for every new page and blog post you make.

Image Optimization

Adding new images is quite easy, you just need to use the insert image function. Image resize feature allows you to set dimensions and location of images. Images can be easily optimized by adding title and alt tags.

Clean Codes

Clean codes make the web pages load fast and use less resources of the server. Clean codes are also very easy to index for search engine bots.


Tagging also plays an important role in improving search engine rankings. Appropriate and relevant tags give users a perfect navigation option and enables search engines bots to locate even the internal pages of the website. Adding on, tags can be posted in the homepage which helps further in SEO.There are so many tags Like What is SEO, SEO Benefits If You have a Health related website you tags Health and Beauty Tips etc. Tags are Help to rank more keywords so you can add tags

The advantages of WordPress SEO are many – you just need to understand how to use them to make the wonders for your site!

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