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Effective Ways to Build a Strong Brand Identity

Branding is essential for every type of business, including SMBs and the big names. We are living in a world of brands and they have now become the identity of businesses. A strong brand must educate, entertain and inspire customers.

Branding is a way of defining and presenting your business to your audience. A strategically defined brand can bring a lot of for your business.

A great brand embodies a company’s core values and represents more than a product; it creates and holds an emotional connection between your customers and your brand. When customers connect emotionally and believe in your brand, it leads to loyalty and higher sales.

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Given below are a few tips to help you in building a strong brand:

Logo Design & Brand Name

A strong brand is always easily recognizable and the recognition starts with brand name and logo design. These two things are used everywhere for marketing, on your business cards, website, letterhead, promotional materials and social networks. In brand identity, logo is the central, identifiable key element that helps customers remember and discover a company’s brand.

Define your Brand

There are several fundamentals to help you in defining your vision and goals of your brand:

  • How is the brand perceived against competitors?
  • What is the positioning statement of your brand?
  • What benefits do you want customers to associate with your brand?
  • What is your audience? Where will the company have contact with them?

Be Noticed

  • Always remember “First impression is the last impression”. Attract people with your brand. Don’t use tatty business cards, poorly designed advert or dodgy home-made literature.
  • Link your brand with catchy taglines, images and brand benefits.

Grow Your Community

Many of the world’s top brands, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Skype and Virgin, spend huge amounts on advertising and also focus on building their communities. These companies believe that if audience trusts a brand’s community, they will trust the brand.

If you are a new brand, you have many opportunities to build online and offline communities. Social media is a big platform for building communities, you can build online communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on other social networks. I’ll suggest selecting one or two platforms where you can invest your time and resources for building your community.

Deliver Quality

For building a strong brand, you need to deliver a combination of product leadership in the marketplace (like Apple), great customer services (like Virgin) and great operational services (like IKEA).

Keep Your Promises

You’d be surprised to know that many new brands fail because they fail delivering on what they promise. Happy and satisfied customers are your best referrals.

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Fundamentals of Best Logo Design

The fundamentals that are involved in making any business stick to the mind of thousands that a company desires to be their customers is how they cater them with what they do. In this regard logo is something that is a vital ingredient which when diluted in the mixture of marketing techniques gives a new face to your company. So it’s time for all business owners to check whether their logo is the one which appeals to the customers. Those who are new in the business circles and have not yet designed a logo for their company; they should surely go for it as it is mandatory for expanding the domain of our customer regime. Now what are the basic features combining which makes the best logo design for any company or product:

1. Attractiveness With Simplicity:

Everything that catches the eye most dominantly is most likely to make a great impact on minds and this requires your logo design to be something attractive and this can be achieved through some catchy designs along with some reasonable text. Now the thing which needs to be ensured here is that attractiveness does not mean that a logo should be some complicated design with many colors as attractiveness can be easily catered with simplicity. Similarly use such lines which deliver the message in a few words like you see the case with many big concerns of the world.

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