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5 Tips for Designing a Coffee Shop Flyer

Now a days, print material has become an essential part for marketing of any business. In 2015, printing industry reported a 4.5% rise in the use of printed items for marketing campaigns of coffee shops. The marketing industry is now adopting an effective way of combining online channels and print items to create a successful campaign.

Whether you are using print for in-store promotional materials, using for direct mail or handing out leaflets on the high street, the print items have become the backbone of business advertising. Advertisement using print material is cheaper than online media advertisement.

Many small business owners cannot afford online advertisement for their businesses, for them print items is the best solution for interacting with the audience. Flyers are very useful and have been used by many companies and individuals for product promotion. They are also called leaflets and the information is printed on one side of paper. The basic purpose of flyers is to make aware consumers of new services or deal offered by any business.

Coffee Shop Flyer Design

There are some key principles to focus and finalize before getting started in flyer design. Given below tips will help in designing an effective flyer:

1. Grab the Attention of Consumers

You need an effective headline and eye-catching visuals that will grab the attention of people, if being placed at the front of a store. The use of attractive colors is the main thing, you need to be very selective, stay consistent with the colors used for branding.

Simple and attractive designs grab the attention of the audience. Use the real photos of your coffee shop that will give an idea of the atmosphere and write the text of your promotion in bold.

2. Sell the Benefits

The main purpose of marketing has been based around selling the benefits. For example, tell people what benefits they will get from you rather than describing them what process you use in coffee making.

3. Be Concise

You need to focus on your main point; the average attention span should be under 8 seconds! If the consumer likes the main idea, you can add a call to action for further details.

Use lists, bullet points or boxes to highlight the key benefits rather than including them in a lengthy paragraph.

4. Speak like Marketeer

Always use marketing words for telling the main idea of your product or service. Do not use your natural way of speaking with customers. For marketing you need to be professional, catchy tagline and titles play the main role.

5. Call to Action

Call to Action is an obvious part, but before adding any CTA you must be very clear about what you want your audience to do next. Now at this step, you need to speak naturally, use phrases like ‘Take a free sample today’ or ‘Try our unique blend today will ensure you get a return on investment.

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Effective Ways to Build a Strong Brand Identity

Branding is essential for every type of business, including SMBs and the big names. We are living in a world of brands and they have now become the identity of businesses. A strong brand must educate, entertain and inspire customers.

Branding is a way of defining and presenting your business to your audience. A strategically defined brand can bring a lot of for your business.

A great brand embodies a company’s core values and represents more than a product; it creates and holds an emotional connection between your customers and your brand. When customers connect emotionally and believe in your brand, it leads to loyalty and higher sales.

logo design company


Given below are a few tips to help you in building a strong brand:

Logo Design & Brand Name

A strong brand is always easily recognizable and the recognition starts with brand name and logo design. These two things are used everywhere for marketing, on your business cards, website, letterhead, promotional materials and social networks. In brand identity, logo is the central, identifiable key element that helps customers remember and discover a company’s brand.

Define your Brand

There are several fundamentals to help you in defining your vision and goals of your brand:

  • How is the brand perceived against competitors?
  • What is the positioning statement of your brand?
  • What benefits do you want customers to associate with your brand?
  • What is your audience? Where will the company have contact with them?

Be Noticed

  • Always remember “First impression is the last impression”. Attract people with your brand. Don’t use tatty business cards, poorly designed advert or dodgy home-made literature.
  • Link your brand with catchy taglines, images and brand benefits.

Grow Your Community

Many of the world’s top brands, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Skype and Virgin, spend huge amounts on advertising and also focus on building their communities. These companies believe that if audience trusts a brand’s community, they will trust the brand.

If you are a new brand, you have many opportunities to build online and offline communities. Social media is a big platform for building communities, you can build online communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on other social networks. I’ll suggest selecting one or two platforms where you can invest your time and resources for building your community.

Deliver Quality

For building a strong brand, you need to deliver a combination of product leadership in the marketplace (like Apple), great customer services (like Virgin) and great operational services (like IKEA).

Keep Your Promises

You’d be surprised to know that many new brands fail because they fail delivering on what they promise. Happy and satisfied customers are your best referrals.

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Brochures Can Increase Tons of Sales

Brochures are not just a piece of colorful paper which is filled with interesting images and different themes; it’s a proper marketing tool which contains information of your product in detail. You can never put large amount of detail about your product on billboards. Its only brochures who gave us privilege to share important facts and qualities of your products directly with your customers. Having all these benefits in mind we have to be very particular about designing such brochures which can grab more attention of your audience and persuade them to buy your product. In this article we share some important steps that one should have to follow whilst designing their brochures.

Brain Storming:

In this phase there are some questions that should be answered before designing a best brochure:

• What product we have to advertise?
• Who is our target audience?
• Is this product related to any specific ethnic group, race or demographics?
• What kind of information must be included in the brochure?
• How many fold our brochure have?
• Which color should we use?
• What kind of specific theme should be followed?
• What are the best ways to demonstrate our organizational image or personality?

After answering all these questions you are free to go to move on next step which is

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Designing Phase:

In this phase, you have to see all the designing considerations related to selections of

• Colors
• Images
• Font size and spacing
• Themes

The other important consideration is what type of brochure suits your product best? It should be bi fold or tri fold or it may have some unique look? It all depends upon nature of your product e.g. if you are going to introduce a new product then it’s more suitable that you pick some kind of new type so that it can grab more attention and look catchier.

Information Selection and Categorization:

This is the most crucial part of any brochure because it’s directly related to your product and can leave a strong impact on your customers if your given information is engaging and interesting. First of all you have to select

• What are the important futures of your product which only your product has?
• Try to find a point of differentiation and mention it in main body of your brochure.
• Collect some facts and figures about your product and must mention it.
• Do not get absurd just focus on your product
• Give your organization information in such ways that leave a strong impact in minds of your target audience.
• Categorize all the information and decide what information should be placed on first page and so on.

Choose Best Of The Best:

This is the final step in which you have to pick the best designing company to design your brochure. At this stage you have to finalize all the details which you have to discuss with your selected designing company. You have to tell them all your requirements regarding your brochure; negotiate with them regarding price, time and material you want to use in your brochure. And at the end pick the best designer from the team of designer they have.

If you follow all these steps while designing your brochure then I am sure that your brochure looks far beyond attractive, get more attention in public and can definitely increase your sales.

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Get Business from Local Market with Custom Brochures Advertisement

First and foremost goal of small business organization is about promoting their business and sell their products and services. For this purpose the most effective tool of marketing is to create your new promotional custom brochures. It is the most cost efficient and effective way to promote your business in a local market and in your neighborhood. A custom brochure design can also play a role of booklet for example if it has a few pages in it you can advertise about your product, services particularly, your organizational info and products itself by showing different boxes in it.

Brochures has a long term impact on your customer mind for example if a person who cannot buy your product now he might be willing to buy it in future by keeping it safe in his drawers. Designing a custom brochure by professional designer is not an short term expenditure do consider it as a long term investment because it helps to imbed your products in customers minds for a longer period of time. If you offer vouchers or discounts deals on your brochures it is more likely that people save them for a longer period of time so by using such small and simple marketing tactics you can successful run your marketing campaign through brochures ads in local areas.

Be very careful while choosing an online designing firms who claims to be best but can’t make your marketing campaign successful because they fails to impress your customers and they also fail to convey your message properly through your brochures.

We know how to make your marketing campaign successful. Our professional designers who have years of experience in creating custom brochures simply know how to make your campaign successful and how to make you shine in your local area. They know how to beat your competitors through advertisements. We offer our services at very affordable and competitive prices especially for small business owners those are searching cost affective deals.

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