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Effective Ways to Build a Strong Brand Identity

Branding is essential for every type of business, including SMBs and the big names. We are living in a world of brands and they have now become the identity of businesses. A strong brand must educate, entertain and inspire customers.

Branding is a way of defining and presenting your business to your audience. A strategically defined brand can bring a lot of for your business.

A great brand embodies a company’s core values and represents more than a product; it creates and holds an emotional connection between your customers and your brand. When customers connect emotionally and believe in your brand, it leads to loyalty and higher sales.

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Given below are a few tips to help you in building a strong brand:

Logo Design & Brand Name

A strong brand is always easily recognizable and the recognition starts with brand name and logo design. These two things are used everywhere for marketing, on your business cards, website, letterhead, promotional materials and social networks. In brand identity, logo is the central, identifiable key element that helps customers remember and discover a company’s brand.

Define your Brand

There are several fundamentals to help you in defining your vision and goals of your brand:

  • How is the brand perceived against competitors?
  • What is the positioning statement of your brand?
  • What benefits do you want customers to associate with your brand?
  • What is your audience? Where will the company have contact with them?

Be Noticed

  • Always remember “First impression is the last impression”. Attract people with your brand. Don’t use tatty business cards, poorly designed advert or dodgy home-made literature.
  • Link your brand with catchy taglines, images and brand benefits.

Grow Your Community

Many of the world’s top brands, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Skype and Virgin, spend huge amounts on advertising and also focus on building their communities. These companies believe that if audience trusts a brand’s community, they will trust the brand.

If you are a new brand, you have many opportunities to build online and offline communities. Social media is a big platform for building communities, you can build online communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on other social networks. I’ll suggest selecting one or two platforms where you can invest your time and resources for building your community.

Deliver Quality

For building a strong brand, you need to deliver a combination of product leadership in the marketplace (like Apple), great customer services (like Virgin) and great operational services (like IKEA).

Keep Your Promises

You’d be surprised to know that many new brands fail because they fail delivering on what they promise. Happy and satisfied customers are your best referrals.

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Get Long Lasting Marketing Benefits from Sticker Design

There are lots of marketing methods and different people are using different ways of advertising and marketing according to their business needs. Here we are going to talk about the most important and effective promotional marketing method “Sticker”. I personally know many business owners and marketing experts who are using almost every method of marketing including paid methods but neglecting this keen tool of advertising. May be they think that it is small and not useful in this digital era where we are using online marketing tools but that perception is totally wrong, a sticker can give you long lasting business benefits in very affordable price. But it is not as easy as people think, if you want to get its long lasing benefits you have to be very conscious about its design, printing and distribution. Stickers are not just for kids now, smart marketers really love them especially when we talk about business promotion in local market. Here we are going to discuss about three major steps while doing marketing via stickers which are these


First of all the most important thing is sticker designing because your design will speak for you’re in your absence therefore it has great importance. If you are not expert in designing tools then you should not try it by your own, definitely you should hire professional sticker designers because designing a perfect sticker is an art. You have to keep in mind lots of things in your design like, your logo, your contact information, your business slogan, your brand name, product you are focusing and other lots of important aspect. Only professional graphics designers can understand these things and they can deliver you best design which can meet your requirements. When we talk about designing these things are very important

Contact Information

When we talk about size it depends on your needs, you can get customized size according to your needs. Images, text and colors’ selection depends on graphics designers, if a designer is professional and talented enough definitely you will get best and if you are going to hire some unprofessional and inexperienced graphics designers for your sticker definitely you are going to waste your time and money. So never compromise on selection a best sticker designing company like Kool Design Maker.

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Car Bumper Sticker Is a Keen Source of Marketing

In today’s modern world things are changing every day even with the ticks of clock, so in this progressive world it’s very difficult to maintain a standard reputation in the market regarding your product and services. Advertisement is a method which helps the owners to attract people towards their product and services. Many methods are used today to do marketing like logos, banners, headers etc stickers are one of them.

Sticker is a piece of paper with two sides one is sticky and other one got any design or illustration, to some extent it’s just a small thing but yet It can do much more for your brand’s marketing. It can be pasted anywhere to represent your brand locally. Car bumper sticker is quite a well known and effective marketing tool now a day, because cars move in so many different places and when they stop on signals people normally do watch the next car’s bumper and if it has a sticker they like to watch it or read it carefully just to spend their time until signal turns green. So if a car has an attractive bumper sticker it can market the thing which is on that sticker. People do normally paste something funny or a picture of a skull or their university logo sticker or some brand’s sticker with which they feel association.

It’s very important to have a good sticker design for your company which can represent your brand. The bump

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