When You Need to Redesign Your Logo?

A company logo is the brand identity and face of your business therefore it should be perfect and in this scenario its importance is very high. On daily basis we see different logos from different brands and companies, some look attractive and other look creepy and awkward. Those companies or businesses have awkward and creepy logo designs they need to redesign their logos in attractive way to get attention and attraction. Now the question is that when a business need to redesign its logo?

You Changed Your Company Name or Business Nature:

Everyone wants to develop his business and sometimes people change their business nature if they didn’t get good response in a particular type of business. Sometimes they even change their brand, business or company name to make a new entry in market. Then they need to change their logo because now the name and business nature both have been changed, how the old logo can represent your business? So whenever you change your brand name and business nature you need to get a new logo.

It Looks Outdated:

We are living in digital and technological era where we are getting new things day by day. In designing field technology, mediums and taste develop rapidly therefore if you got your logo 5/10 years before definitely you need to redesign it because mediums, technology and tools have been updated and if you will not change your logo, it will look like 80’s or 90’s logo which will not attract your viewers and it will leave bad impression on consumers’ minds.

Strapped for Cash – In Beginning:

When you started your business investment was problem for you and you were not able to pay much and hire professionals for your business logo design. On that time may be you hired a designing student to design your logo to save few dollars but now you are able to hire a professional logo designing company and you can pay them for a perfect and best logo design. It’s time to replace your logo now.

It is Looking Complicated:

Show your logo to those people who are not your customers if they can’t guess which kind of business you are doing then it’s need to redesign your logo. It should not have complicated elements tend to confuse customers. Always try to get a simple, attractive and meaningful logo because “a logo with logic” can get attention.

Your Competitors Have Best:

Every business has competition and every business man wants to compete his/her competitors therefore there is 24 hours competition among competitors. You should compare your logo with your competitors’ logos and be honest in this analysis because a realistic analysis can help you to get best stuff. If you feel that your logo is not attractive enough than your competitors’ logo, you need to change it immediately.

You Want to Dissociate From Negative News:

If you didn’t earned goodwill in business and your customers were not happy with your business but now you want to dissociate from negative news and comments you need to change your logo. That move can help you to remove a bad impact from your customers’ minds because you are approaching them with new face and look.

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  1. Media Bites says:

    Usually organization don’t like to redesign their existing logos because they think that a new logo can hurt their marketing and advertising and may be it cal reduce their sale or something like this, but i think it is necessary to upgrade it with the passage of time, especially on some great events you can add something with your logo for example in Christmas days you can add a Santa with your logo. It is good thing to make some miner changes in your existing logo.

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